Need some suggestions for my mav

i had my first vertigo attack in 1998 & have been having them ever since. it usualy last’s a couple weeks but for the last few years it last’s for up to 3 months, and yes i do get migrains also. after years of dr visits and test’s i finaly got diagnosed with mav about 3 years ago. dr. woods at the hough ear institute here in oklahoma diagnosed me and refered me to a neurologist & said if the neurologist can treat the migrains that that should hopefuly cure the vertigo so after trying amatriptaline, keppre, neurontin, topamax and propranalol nothing helped my vertigo, the propranalol may have helped my migrains but not the vertigo. the neurologist has given up, he said we’ve tried everything. i have the problem of usualy getting all the side effects of any meds i take which doesn’t help. i also have extreme anxiety issues & panic attacs due to my mav. i was given amitriptaline, lexapro, busprone for anxiety with little results, just now got a script for a generic form of valium. we’ll see how that goes. my vertigo attacks usualy come before a stress event like the first day of a new job, the day of a trip, the day of company coming in town ect. i wonder if any of you have had the same symptoms and perhaps there is something else i need to try. thanks for any input. paul

Have you tried Pregabablin (lyrica).


How long we’re you taking each med for?

i have not tried lyrica, i was on the keppra about 3 months, propranolol 3 months also. topomax was like poison to me & i could only make it 3 days ! the propranolol did however seem to help the migrains but i still had episodes of vertigo. my neurologist said i could still take the propranalol if i’d like to. maby since the propranolol didn’t give me any side effects i should try it again for a maby a year & see what happens.

My experience with beta blockers like propranalol is that it was probably 3 months before I noticed any benefit, and then from then on they really kicked in and I saw more and more improvement over the next few months

i need to do something. 16 years of vertigo attacks has certainly ( changed my life ) i would like to say ruined my life but when i have those good spells i do get back in the groove of things. my neuro did say he had no problems with me getting back on propranolol and since i tolerated it well i’ll do it. however my family doc just prescribed me KLONOPIN for my anxiety / panic attacks so i’ll have to see about any interactions between the two. i personaly think that somehow my anxiety brings on the vertigo, and if i control the anxiety maby the vertigo will go. if i sit up out of bed in the morning & have vertigo i imediatly go into hyper anxiety mode ! back when i was taking amatriptaline and keppra i was somewhat sedated and when i would have vertigo it was kinda like oh well another vertigo spell, lets let my eyes settle, take some meclazine and go about our business ( without the panic / anxiety ) but it never cured the vertigo. i’ll keep trying. i appreciate all and any input. paulj.