(Not that I know German.)

Anyway, this is about cheese, for my fellow (non-monstrous, non-regimented) cheese-eaters.

I follow the diet pretty rigorously, meaning that this turophile has restricted himself to cottage cheese, fresh mozzarella, cream cheese, ricotta, and queso fresco.

The other evening I cut a bit of queso fresco for, I don’t know maybe crumbling over a salad. The next morning I looked in the fridge for the queso fresco I wanted in my omelette and dang, I found I’d left it out on the counter overnight.

Oh, I thought, it’s just been one night, and indoors at 70 deg F is not like the great outdoors; WTH.

Well, I can testify that this fresh cheese took on the important characteristics of an aged cheese overnight. Major dizzies and brain fog within a hour or so. No other trigger candidates. Be warned.