Neural mechanism for headache by light

Hi All,

This is no easy paper to get through (released 10 Jan 2010) and not exactly bedtime reading but for those who suffer nasty symptoms from sunlight or bright light in general, here lies an explanation. This was the paper referred to by Steve Rauch.

Best … Scott

Phew - not easy for the lay reader.

Can’t wait to read this! Right now I’m in the throes of just such a headache. Sunlight and the like is a MAJOR trigger for me. Literally every day this past week I’ve been wondering what on earth is going on inside my head to make it behave like it is at present. So I’m dying to read this but it’ll have to wait til my head feels somewhat better. Even typing this is a trial. But thanks Scott. I’m a sucker for explanations, however difficult they are to digest.


link doesn’t work anymore!

Here: A neural mechanism for exacerbation of headache by light - PMC