Neuro appt. Lyrica?

Just had my appointment with the neurologist and he looked at the long list of preventatives I have taken in the past. He feels I will benefit from Lyrica. He did ask my symptoms.

After that, his other suggestions were Topamax, Effexor and Epilem. I suggested Cipramil and he didnt think this would do much good. I sometimes think it would be good if all the docs got together and put all their information together to see which are genuinely the top drugs that are benefiting people as they all have different ideas. I suppose Effexor and Topamax keeping hitting the top 3.

Anyone had any experience with Lyrica? Dont see much about it on this board. Oddly enough, I have a friend with straight forward migraine who has benefited from this drug.


Hi Christine,
Lyrica should have as good as a chance to work as any drug that “calms the brain” so to speak. It is an anticonvulsant like so many of the drugs that help MAV. It also has some limited utility in neuropathic pain. Definitely worth a try!
Good luck and keep us posted.

Hi Liza,

Well I went on and read the msg boards and actually this drug sounds quite positive there, I was pleasantly surprised as when I read up on the others it totally put me off. I am not looking at any other boards as I dont want to be put off this one. Those people who nearly all had positive results with it, only appeared to have ordinary migraine though, still, its encouraging.

Am off on a holiday on Friday (terrified of the flying again but pushing forward) and will start on it as soon as I get back.


lots of luck, Christine

good luck from me toofu

Thanks for the good wishes. Will start on the Lyrica in a week. Panicking about managing to get out to Corfu at the moment. Its only a 3 hr flight but have to get up at half 3 in the morning and thats never good. Sitting here dizzy already, had a really bad dizzy day two days ago which knocked the confidence. Doesnt help that I had a bad vertigo attack when I went abroad last year, full blown vertigo and it lasted 24 hrs! Must calm down and think positive!


Hi Christine,

I’ve had some rough experiences travelling as have a lot of us I think. I guess the best thing is to be as rested as you can before you go and have a supply of Valium (or whatever your quick fix poison is) on stand by. And don’t schedule lots of activities and stuff for when you’re there - just play it by ear and, as the young people say, chillax :slight_smile: .

Hope it all goes well,

Thanks Victoria,

I will do my best to totally relax tomorrow, day before I go. Last year when I got the full blown vertigo whilst away, we were due to fly home the next day. Hubby just said, well if we cant, we cant, I calmed down after that. Still have nightmare visions of this red curtain swirling round while I couldnt move, and trying to swat the mozzies away with my right hand whilst keeping the rest of me still :?


Happened to me in Cyprus last year - had to delay flight home by a week. But your husband is absolutely right - if you can’t you can’t. I couldn’t get out of bed, let alone fly 24+ hours home! What I learnt from that is to take out travel insurance for a few days longer than you’ll actually be away, just in case. And have Break Glass In Case of Emergency" drugs with you at all times.

Thanks for the advice. Whats Break glass?

Cyprus is lovely, I lived there for 3 years long long time ago when dad was in the RAF. Would love to visit there again.


Hi Christine,

The “Break Glass” is for anything to be used in case of emergency. I’d say for MAV it’s a big hit of a benzo.

Which part of Cyprus did you live in? I went there last year to visit my (then) boyfriend who was there as part of the international peace keeping force. He lived in Oroklini, a small village about 30km from Larnaca. We travelled around a fair bit, including to the Turkish part. The ex hated it, was bored and said he didn’t like the people (WTF?!). I thought the people were universally friendly and helpful, the food was delicious, the weather was great, the sea a sparkling blue and no sharks (which is a refreshing change for an Australian). On the down side the whole island was in the grip of a long, severe drought (were shipping in water from Greece) so everything was barren and dusty and a lot of the coastal areas were very over touristed and a fair bit of rubbish in the ocean. Anyway, I heard that the ex is now off to Sudan so Cyprus may pretty soon seem like paradise in comparison! :lol:


Cyprus eh? Great place, although last time i was there i got so sunburnt i couldnt move as i passed out on a sun lounger after drinking their local beer. I was only 15…oh the care free non health issue days! I love that part of the world…mum was greek australian and her family was from castellorazo…most beautuful island on earth. Only has 1 hotel and a few houses on the island. Its funny though as most people there are visiting from perth!

Have a great holiday christine…hope it brings back some good memories.

Vic~ sorry to hear you are feeling shithouse. Looks like the ex got some bad luck, although im plannning to visit syria and lebanon at some point. Want to jlearn arabic.

Hey Luke,

You’re Mum’s a Greek Australian? The best kind! Do you know that Melbourne is the third biggest Greek city (after Athens and somewhere else…)? I live round the corner from the Cyprus-Australia club and there’s an old guy in the 'hood who always stops and chats if I’m waiting at the bus stop and tries to drag me in for a crude oil coffee. Even though I’ve told him I’ve been to Cyprus he always forgets. But he also seems to forget that we’ve met a few times before so, you know…

If they pay him heaps of money (which they will) the ex will be happy in Sudan (bitter, moi?). Had we still been together I was going to go back over to Cyprus in March and travel around the region and was looking at doing a trip from Egypt, up through Syria and Jordan and Turkey. Sadly that never happened but hopefully I’ll do it in the next year or so. I’ve got to pay off this year’s NYC and Europe trips first!


Hi Victoria,

We lived in Limassol first for 3 months, then stationed at Akrotiri. I had the time of my life out there, from age 14 to 17. Like you, Luke, I fell asleep on the beach in the morning and woke in the evening, red as a lobster, couldnt bend my legs! Got real ticking off from the dr. still I got out of PE at school.

So your mums half Greek half Australian? Its all this stuff in your blood which makes you want to travel! My mum is Austrian, her mother Yugoslavian, Grandad, German, oh, and we adopted our daughter from Romania. When I was 18 we hitchhiked 500 miles one day from Paderbourne in Germany down to Graz in Austria to see my grandparents. Now, I find it a real struggle to get to the airport one and half hrs and fly for 3. I had only 3 hours sleep last night because I am anxious and the dizzies have been building up over the last 4 days. Unfortunately, we have to get up at half 3 in the morning tomorrow, I messed up with the flights. Looks like heavy rain in Corfu at the moment :frowning:

Well done for your determination Luke, to travel the way you are, through all this dizzy stuff,
it takes a lot of guts and willpower, the state we are in. I sat around waiting to get better too long, then last year, thought, if I dont do stuff now, I never will, but its really hard.

Where is castellarazo?

Best Wishes

Yep I guess Im a bit of a mix! My father is true british through and through, but then i have my aussie greek side.

Vic~ yeh melbournes got a lot of greeks. My aunt lives up in richmond. Havent been for years but want to go back. your cyprus guy sounds like a laugh.

Christine ~ you have a very interesting background. You know i studied in Vienna.Austria is a beautiful country. Ich vermute, dass du ein bissel Deutsch kennst?! Funnily enough i also studied yugoslavian for a year (serbian). da li govorite srpski?! Sorry to hear you feel rough today…just try to relax and go with the flow. Whats the worst that can happen? Its always appears far worse than it ever turns out.

I agree with you, its really tough to travel with this, but we cant keep waiting to get better. Im just scared if i wait, its an excuse never to do anything, although sometimes its very hard to motivate myself! Even though i have had a multiple of illneses the past 5 years i can atleast look back with some sort of achievement. I hope you have a great holiday.


Wow Luke,

Thats very impressive! I am a little German what? (dog?, bitch?, cat??) sorry, need to brush up a bit. And you can speak yugoslav. I can do a bit of arabic if that helps, anna ou shi (I think that means, I want tea. I learnt quite a lot of Greek when I was in Cyprus, but all swear words I am afraid, we were teenage English girls and the Greek cypriots followed us around. My friend went around with a brick in her handbag! I can still remember laying on the beach and them doing cartwheels in front of us, oh, Happy Days.

No I didnt know you studied in Vienna. You are right, Austria is a beautiful place.

You got that right, it always feels like a huge achievement when we manage to travel. I think you have managed to do loads, are you travelling with other people? Hopefully they can help when you get bad.

Thanks for the good wishes. I will try and enjoy the holiday. Better go and pack the last bits.

Best Wishes

Clearly migraineurs are global citizens with itchy feet! I think it’s great that so many of us do keep on with our lives as much as possible with this crap. Sure, we may need a handful of drugs, a few gin and tonics and the benefit of walls etc to lean against, but we do it. Well done us.

True that Vic! We might feel ill everyday but it’s amazing how much we adapt and learn to endure. I’ve got a chronically inflamed bladder which makes it even more fun! It’s ridiculous that I developed 2 chronic illnesses in just 1 year back in 05.

My next adventure will be for charity and partly because I know I wont feel ill doing it. I almost feel normal on my motorbike, so I’m going to ride all the way from London to St Petersburg in Russia in 2010 and raise money for cancer research. I used to live out there in my raving vodka clubbing days; maybe by then I will be well enough to enjoy a real Russian party again. Having said that it’s a long ride back home with a hangover!