Neurocardiogenic Syncope & MAV

So I flunked my tilt table test on Thurs and have now been diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope in addition to MAV. Is there any connection to these 2 conditions? I’ve looked online & can’t find much connection. Did anyone else have this test done? It seems like my cardiologist is leaning towards putting me back on beta blockers so at least it’s the same med that would treat both conditions. My cardiologist thinks that the near fainting episodes I had were not related to MAV although my neurologist said they were. Not sure what to make of any of this anymore?? This is all in addition to having Polycystic Ovarian syndrome and a patent foramen ovale (PFO). I’m going to be a walking pharmacy soon! On a better note, I have been off all meds for the past 3 weeks getting ready for this test & I haven’t felt this good in months. Sometimes I think our bodies need a break from these med trials! Switching from one med to another month after month just can’t be good.

Is your cardiologist familiar at all with MAV. Glad that beta blockers will target both disorders. That is good that you are feeling a bit better off meds. Hope the next med makes you feel even better. good luck