Neurologist Visit on Tuesday

Hi all,
Just an update that I had a CT scan last week (per GP) and the results were:
subtle decreased attenuation in the anterior parietal region"
I have no idea what that means…and going against what I usually do, I did NOT google it–I did not want to scare myself to death.
My neuro appt is Tuesday morn at 8am so any good thoughts, prayers, wishes are appreciated. As I’ve said before, I am without a Dx as of yet…and hoping it doesn’t too long to get a little relief. I have been on the migraine diet a couple weeks now (I admit I’ve cheated w/decaf and a bite of chocolate here and there) I have noticed a diminishing of ear symptoms and dizzies. Still have daily headache…nothing I can’t tolerate. Today a new symptom…a VERY tender spot on my scalp- to the right of my crown…and it is hurting just sitting here–it hurts whether I touch it or not! Ugghhhh :? My other lingering symptom is my heart still beats hard pretty much all day. I don’t notice it when I am busy…but when i am trying to relax it drives me bonkers. Ativan doesn’t seem to help it much?
Ok, I’ve rambled enough. Thanks for reading and take care

Good luck, hope all goes well and you receive a diagnosis and a plan!

Best of luck!! Let us know how you go !

Good luck. Fingers crossed a successful treatment plan is put together for you,

X x

Snap me too, first neurologist visit Tuesday evening. Lets hope we can both find a treatment path that enables us to live life as best we can. Angela

Shell and Angela - good luck to both of you with your appointments tomorrow. I hope you can both get some answers and a plan to get you well soon. :slight_smile:

My visit didn’t go well. While the neuro did listen to my story…in the end, she only ordered an MRI and told me the CT showed white matter lesions and scared me to death…She looked at me blankly when I mentioned VM…she also ordered blood tests for auto-immune?? I’m thinking of refusing the MRI.
I am SO FRUSTRATED :expressionless:
I am crying writing this–feeling desperate because I NEED a Doctor to help me. I’ve been to 3 with no answers, no meds…it’s like none of them want to help me and just tell me they will see me back in a month! Yes that’s what she told me. That’s the 3rd Dr to tell me this. How the HELL am I supposed to function with no meds, no nothing. I am trying to graduate college next month…
My question is…does ANYONE on here know of Drs that diagnose MAV/VM in the east??–I’m in Virginia. I am seriously considering a long drive to Mass eye & ear to see Dr Rauch…
I apologize to all of you who have been thru much worse than I…and have been to countless drs before an dx…I am just very depressed.
I do finally have my GP considering celexa or some antidepressant.

Thankful for this forum…at least I don’t feel insane when I’m “in” here…
Take care,
Shell :cry:

sorry you haven’t had much luck with the local neuro’s Shell. It may be worth while travelling to find a good one, although all the stress and dealing with travelling as well as this rubbish is probably the last thing you need right now.

I don’t know why so many medical professionals seem to treat us like we are crazy or something… I’ve been told my symptoms are possibly psychosomatic in the past, which is just a joke in all honesty.

I hope you can find a good neuro soon. Possibly use the search function on this site to see if anyone else mentions a location near to you? then may find another neuro?

good luck!

By the way… getting through college as well as this crap. Well done to you! :slight_smile:

How far from DC are you? You could try going to Johns Hopkins which is supposedly the best ENT program in the country. I saw someone at University of Maryland who was supposed to be excellent but he missed my MAV diagosis and went with “anxiety,” so I don’t want to recommend him to you.

Oh shell I am so sorry your appointment didn’t go well I can feel your frustration so much. I spent too long in your shoes. It’s as though nobody thinks dizziness is bad. So awful for you. Maybe after the tests they want to do they can make a diagnosis. Is your gp with you? Could he not prescribe some migraine preventive medication?

Thank you everyone for encouraging me :slight_smile:
@Richy yes I am considering taking that trip…but need to finish up classes- May 10 is graduation 8) I have ditched that neuro for now…going to GP this week to at least get on antidepressant ( I guess) I am very stubborn about meds (because I’m med sensitive) but I need to do something!!!

@sarahhd, I am not too far from DC…I could go to my parents which is 2 hrs from DC…I’ll think about Johns Hopkins. I guess I don’t know much about where to go…thanks for the suggestion!

@angdunc, again I have to say I haven’t been suffering as long as so many of you–from what I’ve read of your post- you have really been thru it girl! Your post about your visit gives me hope. Like I said to Richy, I am going to GP this week… I’ve got to get something rolling…She is a friend of mine and I am going to pour to her!

Peace to all,