Neurontin or Keppra: which one do you recommend?

Hello Everyone,

I’m going to taper off Verapamil this week and try another med for this wonderful MAV. Verapamil did not do anything for me so I’m throwing in the towel. I’m trying to figure out if I should try Neurontin or Keppra?? And I wanted to know your guys recommendations about these two drugs and what your experiences are? I’m currently on 40 mg of Celexa and that is taking care of 50% of my MAV symptoms but I’m hoping to find something that can make me feel 100% soon… :slight_smile:

Let me know your thoughts!!!



Hi Emma

I too was on Verapamil with no effect whatsoever. I went on Neurontin 100 mg 3xday. I haven’t had a migraine since then, (4 mo). I went up to 300mg 3xday to see if I could lose the frequent headaches I was getting, but I had problems with more fatigue at that dose, so I went back down to the 100mg. I attribute my migraine headache absence to Neurontin, though sometimes I wonder. I once thought the migraine diet was really helping me, only to crash and burn later. Anyhow, hope this helps some…I have never heard of Keppra so can’t give an opinion on that.


Neurontin is quite “safe” if medicine sensitivity is a big problem. Dr. Hain says, “Neurontin is not very potent for migraine, but it has so few side effects, that it may be worth a try anyway.”

Keppra seems quite harmless in most people. Side effects are not common, though some people report strange behavioral changes (especially anger). Some people report drowsiness. Keppra has almost no (adverse) drug-drug interactions, so it can be safely combined with just about anything.

For reasons I won’t go into here, I personally think the Keppra has significantly greater potential to work. Dr. Hain isn’t overly enthusiastic about it though his colleague Dr. Cherchi says that “the data supporting its use are emerging.”

If you try keppra make sure you ask a friend or significant other to watch for behavorial changes. I became quite angry while on it, particularly as I reached full dosage. Not saying this to discourage you from trying it as I undersatand only a small percentage report this side effect; you just need to be mindful of this possibility. Good luck.


Hi Guys,

Dr. Hain thought it would be a good idea to try Neurontin 100mg/3 a day. I’m about to start taking it today and I’m really scared but I know I have to give it a try.
Robbi, did Neurontin take care of your dizziness as well as your migraines?

Emma :frowning:

Good luck, Emma. please keep us posted.
Robbi - I, too, was wondering if the med also helped your dizziness. what were you symptoms before and after the med helped you?

Good luck Emma and keep us posted. Scott

I’ve been on neurontin for almost a year now. I’m not sure it helps me though. I agree with the earlier posts that claim it is a weak med. I really started to take it for anxiety and wasn’t diagnosed with MAV back then. I just started verapamil 2 weeks ago and so far no change either. I’m not sure how long until I give up on that med and try another. I think either nortriptyline or Propranolol is next, but I’m not sure which is better. I read somewhere that propranolol has some insomnia side effects but I haven’t been able to confirm that. I already have trouble sleeping so I’m scared to try that med.

res0zxzo - I’m sorry neurontin didn’t work for you. What are your sxs? wish we knew ahead of time what med would be helpful for us. I do know that Nortriptyline causes sedation, and people usually take it in the PM, so maybe that would make sense given your insomnia. so hard to know. good luck. let us know what you decide. does your doc have a preference?

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Emma , I hope you find your med quickly.