Neurontin trial

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing alright out there.
I’m having a little hard time on Neurontin. It’s making me feel really tired and nauseous. I just incresed the dosage to 200mg/3 times a day. 3 days a go. So far it’s making me feel worse and I’m more off balance. I think I will give it another two weeks(been on it for two already :frowning: ) Does anyone have any experience with this drug? I know Adam tried it and had good results.



Neurontin for me was basically the same as verapamil – one of the few drugs that didn’t make me feel worse on it, but it also had no apparent benefit to me. I went all the way up to Dr. Hain’s highest dose (1800/day) and still nothing either way.

I think all of the anticonvulsants have some “risk” of fatigue as a side-effect. It seems pretty common. At least among Hain’s options, Neurontin is supposed to be about the most harmless drug there is, but of course, that doesn’t mean no one ever had a hard time with it.

Sorry to say, there’s nothing much more I have to add. I might as well have been taking sugar pills.

To emmasaga:

I am new to this forum but I have been recently dx with MAV but not sure if it fits all the symptoms - but then again, what does?? Anyway, I tried gabapentin (neurotin) a couple of days ago at one capsule at 300 mg and I woke up so incredibly dizzy and off balance, I had difficulty walking. It was the weekend and so I decided I was not going to take another one with that type of side-effect. I am trying to get RID of the dizzies, not make them worse! I spoke with the doctor this morning and expressed my great concern with this med and told him that I was NOT going to take this again. He sort of explained that if I take a higher does (what???) that it would cause me to be drowsier (sp) and therefore would not notice the dizziness as much… geez… Anyway, he is a proponent of using Botox for migraine treatment and thought that this may be another option. Just thought I would throw that out there - the US Food and Drug Administration has just approved Botox for use with migraine and there seems to be an 80% success rate with it. Not sure how this would work the MAV but if the same nerve pathways are affected, it may be something to look at.

I had a bad experience with Gabapentin but that does not mean others would. I understand it is very different for everyone. Not quite sure what causes the imbalance to such a degree since it is an entirely different dizziness than the “usual” imbalance that I have. I have never been drunk but I can imagine that this is what a drunk person would feel. Can’t walk straight, feel like you are bumping into things, a feeling of “out there”, etc… Never could understand people who choose to feel this way. But of course, they recover and we don’t… Oh, well…

Hi Jsgoofn,

I didn’t like Neurontin at all. It made me worse…and it gave me horrible migraines. I’m currently taking 40 mg of Celexa and it’s helping about 50-60% of my MAV symptoms.
Have you tried an antidepressant yet??