Neurontin vs Lyrica

I have an appt with my doc tomorrow and we’re going to discuss Neurontin vs. Lyrica. I did a search of all posts for both of these meds and found some of you who have used both, finding one better than the other. If anybody has had experience with either or both of these drugs, I understand they are similar in chemical structure, so:

Did either work better? Did either give worse side-effects? (lyrica is marketed as having fewer)

I’m just trying to finalize my approach to this next appt.

Thanks for the input.


Hi Julie,

I haven’t tried Neurontin, but I have been taking Lyrica for about 2 and a half months now. I am taking it in combination with other meds. It seems to be working, and no med I have tried in the past has really worked at all. I take it all at night now. I found when I was taking it during the day, I had memory and word-finding problems. They weren’t severe though. When I take it at night, it avoids that problem. The only other side effect I have had is sore, irritated eyes. It seems to be a rare side effect. Hope that helps. Lyrica is supposed to be the same as Neurontin, except more “refined”.

I have not been placed on either medication, but I know that one of my doctors was concerned about putting me on Neurontin because I was making a living as a professional writer when he was treating me. Trouble finding words, etc.

Neurontin has been used for both Meniere’s and MAV.

MSDXD, was that Dr. Hain who didn’t want you on Neurontin? Just wondering - his opinion means a lot to me. My neice is being treated by him and I emailed him with some questions. He emailed me right back and was very forthcoming. He told me that 80% of his practice is with Topamax and Effexor. He uses Neurontin occasionally. 20% of his practice is with CCBs and BBs.

He’s a great guy.


No. Previous doctor. We talked about it in 2006. I started seeing Dr. Hain during the summer of this year.

Yes. Dr. Hain is an extremely dedicated professional.