Just got back from my optho-neurology appt. THEY diagnosed me with vestibular migraines, something my regular neuro couldn’t do for the past 8-9 months. Anyway, it feels good to be validated. They prescribed me Neurontin and after reading the posts on the board, it seems it has helped some and been kind of a rough med. for others. I am very med sensitve (I did pretty good with nadolol. Vivactil and verapamil were rough). He gave me a prescription for 100 mg, which is the smallest dose you can get. He wants me to start at one pill at night and then gradually increase to 2x/day. Does anyone have any experience with Neurontin? Should I start off by cutting a pill in half and see if I feel okay. I have not been on any meds since my experience w/Verapamil in October…so I am a little nervous (go figure :D) about this! Thanks everyone!!

I tried this med for three months before taking myself off of it. I honestly don’t know if it help with the dizzies and the balance at all as I felt stoned (and not in a good way) most of the time. I have talked to others online that didn’t have problems with it.

Remember, when asking people about their opinion or experiences about almost anything on such an open forum that you will get mostly negative replies. People who have success usually move on and don’t tell their story. People who don’t have good experiences hangout and let everyone know how bad “xyz” is. I have had success with another med that most people never try but I still hang out and try to help other people along to make up for all those that move on. The point that I am trying to make here is to not let my negative results deter you. It won’t harm you, and if it doesn’t help you already know how to identify when something isn’t working so you can probably talk to your doctor about taking yourself off of it and trying another med.


Thanks Brian!
You are so right. Pretty much anywhere online that you read about meds and side effects, the responses are usually negative. I am at a good place now as far as anxiety and things go and I’m ready to try something else. And like you said, if it doesn’t work, I know what to do.

Thanks for your straight-forward, down to earth response!!

Hi Colleen,

Adam uses Neurontin and says it works well for him. He hasn’t had much time to be on these forums lately and is off on a holiday soon but you might try sending him a PM if you want to know more about his experience on it.

Best … Scott 8)

I won’t speak for her, but I’m pretty sure that neurontin is what removed all of Julie’s very weird aura symptoms.
100mg is a really tiny dosage for that med, by the way - I believe the maximum dosage is around 4800 mg? Bioavailability is reduced at the higher doses, though… meaning, the body won’t get around to actually using 4800 mg, but probably closer to half that.

Edit: Regarding the bioavailability, it was way worse than that. 60% at 900 mg (540mg), 27% at 4800 mg (1296 mg).