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Long lasting and increasing problems? Toxin response tends to flatline or decrease over time.

Right. A neurological disability that can be largely controlled but not cured. It’s the same horrible truth we all have to find a way to live with. You may never get to 100% - there are no guarantees in life and certainly not with MAV. But we can get to and hold 90% with occasional perfect stretches.

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You are right about toxin response. Currently I am just like I was in the start. 3 months on meds its a good trial for the meds I think. Its tough to accept that I am gonna stay like this

You aren’t going to stay like this. You sound like your symptoms are about as bad as they are going to get. Most of us show progress over time - just a lot longer time scale than is at all reasonable. MAV waxes and wanes. You will feel better. If you are medicated for three months with no improvement then you need to increase the dose, change meds and start a new trial or add another med to your existing meds.

I probably see no improvement cause my eyes and vision feel terrible all the time… If this symptom goes away especiially my vision gets back to normal I will “see” the progress. I told my doc that some of the symptoms faded away like the rocking and the intense headaches so he kept me with the same cocktail of meds.

For me the visual stuff is hardest, particularly the visual vertigo. Maybe it’s time to phone your doctor and explain how much the visual symptoms are disabling you.

I have an appointment in three weeks, i will make it clear to him but I am not sure if he can do anything about that.