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Nothing new here really but Howie pointed these out to me. He sees Dr Newman in New York. … 218&page=1 … 692&page=1

I find it annoying that they seem to promote the crushing one-sided headaches as the only form of migraine further perpetuating this myth of what migraine is. There are a number of top guns in this field who regard tenion-type headaches as migraine as well, which is certainly how I experience them. And of course no mention of the dizziness that around 50% of migraineurs experience.

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The one thing it promotes is Migraine awareness. Actaully Dr Newman might be starting a Q and A on MAV 2 hours a week on Sirius Radio. He mentioned that at my last appt… I’ll post if this becomes odfiicial

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You should talk him into making it into a podcast. Considering millions suffer from migraine worldwide it would be a great idea. Maybe one of us should do something like this!


I thought that it was a good article on migraines in general. Most of what was said in this article is stuff that I found on my own and now practice. One thing that I did catch out of this article that I don’t do is hold the same eating schedule on the weekends that I do on the weekdays. I think that I going to have to change that.