New and don't know what is wrong with me?!

I am a 19 year old female who has some questions reguarding MAV. I have Meniere’s Disease and had a shunt placed to drain the excess fluid; now the shunt looks like it’s failing. I have never been this sick for days on end; we’re going on five days right now. But I’ve had these new symptoms; I’ve been getting these horrible horrible headache pains to the point of where I’m extremely nausated and sensitive to lights, sounds, and smells. My ears have been ringing non-stop since Friday morning. I get motion sickness which is bad; I cannot be a passenger in a car ever and nothing really stops it. I’m dizzy and light headed but I do not have rotational vertigo. Is it possible to have MAV? And how do I go about getting diagnosed? Also, what types of treatment are available for MAV?


Hi Corinth13,

Welcome and so sorry your feeling bad! My suggestion to you would be to find a good doctor who will listen to you, maybe a neurologist, neurotologist or a dizzy and balance center. I just found one in my area yesterday. I also am not sure what’s wrong with me but the people here on this site are a huge help and I’m sure they will give you good advice about what to do and with moral support.

What you describe does sound like migraine and I just read yesterday that thereis a possible link between the two. There are some very informational links here. Are you on any medications? Some people have had great success once they found the right one(s). Could you have possibly caught a bug that set you off? Call your doc, don’t wait too long,

Best wishes,

Hi Tammy- I have a neurotologist and went to see himtoday; he says I have MAV and put me on a migrane medication; hopefully this helps. Now my hearing loss is at 50 db… which sucks but I don’t know what I’m going to do. He says to not go for the hearing aids quiet yet but I’m a college student who wants to be a nurse so I need to hear well. Gah this is so frusterating! Thank you so much for the advice and I wish you the best of luck! :slight_smile:

Hi Corinth,
Welcome to the forum. I am sorry you are suffering but I am so glad to hear you found a doctor right away who gave you a definitive diagnosis. I was wondering what med he put you on and at what dose?

Keep us posted. We are here for you!

Another group to know about: AMPHL: Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses. They may be able to give you help. There are lots of nurses in the group. I am a physical therapist with a hearing loss and this crummy MAV stuff.


Thank you for your replies! He put me on propranolol ER at 80 mgs. And thank you for that group! I really appriciate it I will look into it :smiley: .