New Anti-Depressant -- Viibryd?

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well.

I went to see my neurologist today and I’m going off of Nori and Citalopram as they haven’t helped enough and the side effects of the Nori weren’t worth it. I told him I might want to try another SSRI and he just said a new anti-depressant came out - Viibryd. Have any of you heard of it or know of anyone who is on it? From what I read it just came out a month ago or so — most people are in the middle of trying it and not much is known. At this point, I feel like I’d try anything, but I’m also one who is very cautious medically. I’m not sure if I should be one of the ones jumping in as a guinea pig as I have enough problems as is. It’s claims is that its low in SE including weight gain and sexual dysfunction…of course coming from the company who makes it, I don’t believe a word they say. All these drug companies are just out to get a quick buck and I’m sure don’t give a rats ass about our well-being. I’d like to know some real results from actual people who have tried it.

I just wanted to see if y’all know anything. I might go ahead and try it. I’m not sure. I’ll be decreasing my meds soon and will be either giving the Viibryd or Zoloft a go. If I decide to try the Viibryd, I will let y’all know of my results.


Hi Stace,

Nope, haven’t heard of this one. Will be interesting to hear how it goes for you.