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Christina…glad to hear the brandt dorff exercises give you some help too. I still wonder if my condition started out as BPPV and Evolved into MAV (migraine equivalent)…or the Migraine has some of the BPPV Symptoms…like if you roll over in bed and the bed spins it could very well be that the silent migraine is very active that night…that this has nothing to do with Crystals floating around in your inner ear. I soppose somethings we will never know for sure. But the first 3 years…from about 1989-1991…i had Classic BPPV…waking up from middle of night while asleep with the room spinning and i would get extremely sick to my stomach and have to literally crawl to the bathroom. But i would always return to normal within 3 days or so. Then the 4th year(1992) began and had another round of vertigo (waking up in the wee hours of the morning with room spinning)…and about 30 minutes later i began to feel this Rocking Motion (throbbing…pultizing) feeling in my head. That rocking condition is still with me after all these years…i just don’t have to take as much medication.


Joe - I completely empathise with the rocking motion in the head. I’ve had it for about 8 years now but didn’t start off with it. I feel mine as a pulsating up the back of my head & I’ve noticed a pulsating in my eyes too especially when looking at a white background. I mentioned it to my optician but he didn’t really know what to say, just advised getting my blood pressure checked. My blood pressure is fine by the way - if anything a little low. I also have a pulsating noise in my ‘bad’ ear - which I’m told is pulsatile tinnitus but I only hear it when my head/neck is in certain positions. All this pulsating is much worse when I lie down or maybe it’s that I’m more aware of it then.


I was just reading through this thread, and I thought that I would add a little info that I was told by the nuerologist who diagnosed me. One of the symptoms of MAV is Meniere’s like symptoms and BPPV like symptoms. I don’t know if either of the BPPV excersises that have been mentioned in this thread would be helpful for MAV.

Brian B

Hi Brian

Well I’ve tried them all and I certainly wouldn’t say they were a cure by any means but worth a try I guess.



If i am having a couple of bad days where i feel like i could end up with a episode of vertigo…then i begin to work the Brandt-dorff exercises. They help some but still no cure to this chronic rocking condition.

Christina…the pultzing and throbbing for me is mostly felt in my temples…particularly on my right side. But we are all different so each of us will have a bit different symptoms.


BPPV can be diagnosed with certainty quite simply with the Dix-Hallpike maneuver. I myself am not really a fan of doing Epley’s or modified Epley’s unless a definite diagnosis of BPPV is made, but everyone is different.

Certainly these things, and even VRT (vestibular rehab) are likely to make a MAV sufferer feel even more dizzy. With VRT I agree with those that say the condition needs to be stabilised with treatment (medication/lifestyle changes/dietary changes/whatever is needed) before the VRT is going to be beneficial.

On the occasions when I’ve had the epley done, I’ve not had any benefit at all and it actually made me feel more dizzy for sometime afterwards. Anything that stretches or strains my neck makes me feel dizzier.


Hi Joe i do releate so well to your post , i’m very lucky never to have experianced spinning virtigo , thank god , i cant begiun to imagine how discusting that would be. I have constant swishing or rocking
Fluro lights take about 4 minutes to play horrific havoc with in my scull. if i go anywhere and there’s floros you may as well not bother talking to me as i’m so distracted i cant think, the head tightness I almost feel as if my head is heating up sort of anyway’I wonder why fluro’s do this to us.

(MY symptoms are) almost every day . on and off all day.
aura no migraine
heat rising aura in a circle
coloured blobs
purple rods.
white niose in ears
white spots
blue aluminous spots
worse during menstration and pmt
sometimes cant comunicate well (Talk)
constant rocking
vision , furniture envrioment constantly gently tilting.
constant fatigue

all lasting for 45 minutes or more a couple of times a day. so tired and definatly depressed by 13 years with no diagnosis.

the fluro thing is amazing how quickly it happens and dosnt go untill i get the hell out of the builing, if you know what i mean.
I’m sorry we are all still suffering from these symptom, some people much worse than the next. so many people already taking certain meds after getting a diagnosis and finding the meds dont help that much. or in turn makes things worse, i have been on and off antidepressant ect and still had the balance and virtigo rocking so i dont know what they can try for all of us.
all i can say is a big hug to you all and hope the rest of us get some good help soon. jen