"New Car" amelioration

I know there are others on this board who are set off by “new car” smell. We replaced my wife’s moribund 11-y-o heap with a 3-y-o that has maybe 24k miles on it, and the smell does nasty things to me. She’s nervous about parking it extensively with the windows wide open. What other measures can you suggest?

We bought it at a Carmax outlet, and the salesman suggested this might be from a H-D upholstery cleaner used at their spruce-it-up shop. If that’s the case, I have some hope it will dissipate relatively quickly, aided by whatever measures we can come up with. Otherwise, look for the doggie with his head out the window.

Too funny (doggie bit).

Damn I hate new car smells too. It’s not coz smells affect me persee, I just hate anything with a strong odour. And those car fresheners are a dealbreaker!!!

It sounds like it needs a damn good airing in a storm!

David, never had a “new car” smell. Hubby wont buy a new car, ever :frowning:

I am more often plagued by “old car” smells, teenagers in the back often, so we have car full of cigarette ash, chocolate on the seats and dogs from the local rescue centre we have taken home for the afternoon smell, oh and listen to ACDC music (luckily by daughter likes the old music, same as us) which reminds me, must clean the car out today. Actually its worse with the smell of polish, then someone stepping in, spruced up with after shave on (ugh).

Love the “dog out of the window” description :lol: