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New cushions/bad reaction

Finally had some new cushions made for a mid century couch that we have had for years. So excited as the old original cushions were literally in shreds. Unfortunately even after a full day airing out the new cushions in the hot sun I brought them back into the house and had a full on neurological reaction. Immediately became dizzy, ears popping, sore throat, hoarse voice, brain fog. So up in the attic they go. I wonder how long it will take or if I will ever be able to have these cushions inside my house. The strange thing is they don’t even smell like anything, but clearly there is something nefarious about them.

I know we have spoken before about similar occurrences. A new coat was it? MAV can tend to send all senses hyper. No idea where you are in the World but currently in the Northern Hemisphere don’t forget all that lovely ‘fresh air’ may well be packed with pollen. All the better Hayfever websites advise drying all clothes indoors this time of year. Anywhere indoors, out of your way, you can air them. A conservatory maybe. Just a thought.

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