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New Developments in the Management of Eustachian Tube Dysfunction - ENTtoday

Helen, i agree anything that triggers the brain is more inline with VM. I would also add if migraine is not causing dizziness you dont have VM (not my take, but the world of medicine)

This is ubiquitous, it’s not just about migraine. It’s about a low threshold of tolerance because your vestibular system is weak. You can’t deal with the triggers because your vestibular system doesn’t have the capacity. Whether that’s down to dodgy neurological processes or your right ear has Meniere’s it’s the same outcome, surely?

Yes all types of migraine is about threshold management. A lady with hormone issues , it is the hormone that pushes the brain over the threshold causing symptoms.

If you want to further the case for more targeted treatment for ear illness you should call the illness by their names like PLF, ETD, Ear injury. If you club them with MAV or VM you will have to settle for migraine treatment advancements you have gotten over the last 10 years.

Well according to that link there are no specific medical solutions currently for ETD. And the medical solution for PLF is the same as MAV (as per Hain).

I’ve seen migraine discussed as a symptom in PLF, so maybe it does all fit together …

So looks like you are alright with the doctors charging what they do to push migraine preventative meds since you are ok with the lumping of VM on all ear related balance disorders ! ( i probably misunderstood your earlier rants on this subject)

Oh I still think it’s a convenient racket!

How so, you are willing to call PLF as VM. It is a racket when the docs treat VM ?