New diagnosis - new to the site

Hello, I am newly diagnosed (as of 3 hours ago) with vestibular migraine. I’ve had headaches and migraines for as long as I can remember, even during childhood. I have had the vestibular migraines for the last 4 years but it was thought to be caused by a virus. I am very hopeful after my most recent visit with a new Dr to get back to normal and enjoy life. I look forward to connecting with everyone here.


Welcome Jennifer.

VM is a complicated issue. May I suggest you spend a bunch of time reading our wikis, searching symptoms and generally getting comfortable with the site layout and the vast amount of experience and information it has to offer?

Welcome to the family.

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Welcome, we are glad to have you here! Has your doctor provided a treatment plan?

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Hi and welcome. Pleased you felt able to join in and post.

Obviously significant but am struggling to understand. Are you saying you didn’t get any treatment for those four years because that was the supposed cause? And now you are likely to receive help because there has been a change of heart? Or change of doctor more likely? Would be very interested to read a little more of your VM story after so brief an introduction. Helen

Thank you. I am looking forward to reading through all the information available.

I am a life-long headache/cluster headache/migraine sufferer. In 2016, I was prescribed PT which seemed to help the first few years, but lost it’s effect. I decided to get a second opinion and was surprised to learn I was working under the wrong diagnosis, though I am told that is common. I was prescribed Verapamil, magnesium and B2 and plan to see Dr again in a few months. She also suggested I keep an eye on the “big 5” - caffeine, alcohol, sleep, dehydration and stress. I’m not a big drinker so removing alcohol won’t be terribly difficult and I generally get enough sleep each night. I am working my way through my first 1/2-caf coffee today. I have always struggled to stay hydrated, between work and other distractions it makes it so I have to be very contentious of my water intake. STRESS is a big one for me (as with most of the world right now) work and personal life stressors are definitely what I have struggled with the most and am hopeful to find ways to manage it better.