New here, but not new to migraines. Looking for hope!

Found some relevant discussions that you might find helpful regarding sinus issues in relation to MAV (Migraine Associated Vertigo) or VM (Vestibular Migraines):

  1. Post by oak17 on 2019-01-20: They discuss experiencing sinus symptoms alongside MAV, mentioning extreme migraines, vertigo, ear symptoms, and sinus pressure. Despite a CAT scan showing no significant abnormalities in the sinuses, the symptoms persist, indicating that sinus issues can often be related to MAV problems. (Read more)

  2. Post by scott on 2010-10-26: This post explains that symptoms of sinus problems can easily fit the MAV diagnosis, suggesting that what may seem like sinus issues could actually be migraine-related. The suggestion is to read through the MAV Survival Guide for a broader understanding of how these symptoms interrelate. (Read more)

  3. Post by mellybob on 2017-03-08: Although brief, this post queries about a MAV diagnosis, hinting at the complexity and potential misunderstandings surrounding MAV/VM symptoms and their overlap with other conditions like sinus issues. (Read more)

These discussions may offer some insights into how sinus problems can intertwine with MAV or VM, resonating with experiences of dizziness, migraines, vertigo, and tinnitus.