New here, Vertigo for many years

Hi, my name is Ken, I’m 68 years old and have had vertigo for many years. In the last 2 years my attacks started happening twice a week. Very sever room spinning, total loss of balance, vomiting sweating then chills. I usually have what I call my 5 minute warning, I feel the onset so I take meclzine and find safe place to sit and be sick.
I have found that peppermint tea helps during a attack.
My ENT is currently doing injections directly into my right ear drum to “kill” the balance functionality in that ear as she feels that is what is causing the attacks. One month, 2 shots no attacks.

Hey Ken! Sorry to hear about your condition. I also get attacks exactly like yours. I’ve a problem in my left ear. I can’t hear with it.
After consulting with many doctors, I was finally diagnosed with MAV and probably miniere’s.
I am currently on Amitriptyline after taking topiramate for three months. I didn’t had an attack is almost six months.
I believe you’ll also get better once the proper treatment starts.

You symptoms sound very similar to how mine - and many others on here - originally were however your treatment must certainly dies sound at all familiar. I’d be extremely interested - as I’m sure would many others - to hear more by way of detail. Perhaps you can extract more detailed information from your doctor next visit and share. I’d be particularly interested in what your doctor assumes your diagnosis to be. ‘Vertigo’ is not a disease it is simply a symptom of many. And the injection. What exactly are you have injected directly into your right ear drum. Btw that sounds particularly painful. Is it?