New here

Hi all, I am new to this board. For the lasst 16 years or so, Ithought I had atypical meniere’s. This makes me laugh because I have been so miserable! But I haven’t been to a doctor in several years for it, not since my MRI, because he was a jerk and nothing he did for me helped anyway. I got by with my lo sodium diet and meclizine. However, for the past few months on the meniere’s board site, I’ve been doing some research on my symptoms. I find that most of the people ont he board have at least three of the classic meniere’s symptoms (aural fullness, tinnitus, vertigo, and progressive hearing loss). After so many years of thinking I had meniere’s I sort of stopped looking for other diagnosis. Last week another perosn on the board wrote nad told me that my symptoms were similiar to hers, and she had MAV. So I started researching it…WOW.
I have all the classic symptoms. My biggest symptom is the disabling vertigo. I also have photophobia and phonophobia that I combat with sunglasses and earplugs. I have the auras, scotoma, blindness, black spots, flashy lights, etc. I have only had one incidence of the actual headache of the migraine, although I do have “regular” headaches, they usually go away when I sleep. IF I can sleep. As for the meniere’s symptoms, I was told once, after a hearing test, that I had a little hearing loss in one of my ears, but I am also a professional musician and wouldn’t be surprised by that considering how much time I spend around loud music. I don’t have aural fullness and I have a pulsitile tinnitus, but its few and far between…
One of the posts on the board said, Do you have anxiety disorder? And I do! AND all those symptoms are things I have had forever! Floor patterns bring on stress, bright lights in department stores, noise in restuarants, overhead fans, etc. I have repeatedly told friends that I “feel like I am on a boat” a lot of the time.
I am going to ttry to make an appointment with a doctor soon, I have to do some traveling soon, so it will have to be when I return. Is there a particular type of doctor I should see for a dx of MAV? I am pretty sure that this is what is going on, as my vertigo is much more constant than meniere’s and BPPV, and has been happening for such a long time that I’m sure its not viral labrynthitis or anything else like that.
Any thoughts or comments would be SO much appreciated!
thanks everyone!