New Here!

Thank GOD for this site… there are other ppl in the world who don’t think I’m crazy!!!

My name is Kristi and this MAV is VERY new for me!! I’ll try to make my story short!! I’ve recently been semi- diagnosed with MAV… thus far I’ve kinda stumped the Dr.s. Go figure!! I’ve had bouts of vertigo in the past 5 yrs at least 2 to 3x’s a yr… This last one… I assummed was just plain old vertigo… no worries, I’ve had it before, it will go away after a few days!! Not the case!! I’m now going on day # 67… I had to leave work, could not drive my car, my normal life was NO LONGER NORMAL!! After normal MRI test, and tyroid test… they sent me to a neurologist… who again, said, I’m not sure what you have but try these pills and we’ll see what happens! They put me on Verapamil, and I’ve been so blessed that it seems to be working… I can walk, drive my car, and I start back to work on Aug. 9th. I don’t feel 100%, and maybe I never will… who knows… but from where I came from… I’ll take it! My life is starting to resume!! Since it was a SEMI- DIAGNOISIS… I haven’t been told much information on MAV… and can honestly say that the .com doesn’t have much info either!! :slight_smile:

I find it odd… and going though some of the post… I can say that I don’t have a headache… NO PAIN…the biggest complaint is the vertigo!! I get headaches, but not migraines… is this normal? Most ppl including myself find it odd to have MAV with NO HEADACHE PAIN!!

Again… Thank you for this forum!! Someone who understand what I’m going through!! Such a blessing!!


Hi, Kristi.

I’m glad the drug largely put you back together. Still, I recommend trying the dietary limitations; they may take you even further.

Hi Kristi

I like you do not get migraines, yes an occasional headache along with all the rocking/vertigo/nausea and everything else but not a text book migraine, so no it is not uncommon from what I’ve read and been told by multiple neurologists to have MAV even though you don’t have the text book migraines. I will say though I have a significant family history of migraines, my mother and 2 of my daughters have text book migraines. Glad to hear the Verapamil is helping you. I think the key is to find whatever works for each individual whether it be medication/diet/therapy or a combination of all of the above. I will agree though the diet has helped me significantly. Take care


Hi Kristi,

I’m another one in the no headache club - sometimes I even get the classic zig zag visual aura, but no headache - at least not the debilitating “migraine” style headache. It’s all the other symptoms that really drive me bonkers :lol:

Ditto - no headache (although eye and face ache sometimes) - just the post migraine hangover. It irritates me no end how even the experts, and even when describing non-headache migraine continue to use the phrase “migraine headache”. Maddening.


Me aswell…No headache (other than the odd one from time to time) just foggy head, dizziness and rocking etc, ear fulness and ear pains from time to time