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I’ve not posted on here before, and would like to introduce myself. I’ve had recurring episodes of vertigo for about 5 years, although until a year ago they only lasted a few days at a time and then I recovered completely between bouts. However, just over a year ago, I started with what appeared to be BPPV (severe vertigo on turning over in bed, and leaning over) but then it wouldn’t settle down, and I had constant problems with false motion and really bad motion sickness. I also have vertigo and nystagmus provoked by loud noises. This went on for the whole of last year, although I have been quite up and down and sometimes felt almost recovered. I was diagnosed with MAV in the summer and put on propranolol, and then (when no particular improvement on that alone) on pizotifen in addition. I also get normal migraines (with and without aura, although more commonly without) very frequently, although my balance problems don’t seem directly linked to my headaches.

Anyway, I just wanted to jump in and say hello. I also have some questions about medication that I would like to ask later. Thanks for reading this.

Welcome beechleaf… sorry you are going through all this.

There are plenty of good people here who will answer your questions.


Sorry you are not feeling well and have to be here :frowning: lots of information and good people on this forum.

I’ve been sick a long time with different diagnoses and still not positive what i have but am so sick of being sick.


Welcome, Beech. This is a wonderful place to get information and support. Sorry you have been going through all this. In many ways it sounds familiar to most of us, I’m sure. The people on this get it when so many other people do not. This condition is so comprehensive and then trying to figure out treatment and meds can be incredibly challenging as well. Keep posting!

Welcome Beech –

Your history sounds like textbook MAV to me, especially the way it morphed over time and became chronic. Have you had a look at the Nicholas Silver info? He makes a specific remark about people in your shoes who go from sporadic attacks to a full blown chronic state and suggests that, on top of a drug, to make sure that you are not touching caffeine or pain killers or nasal sprays. They may play a role in keeping you in this chronic phase. Of course, you’ll know by now that you should do your best to weed out other triggers such as foods etc as outlined in the MAV Survival Guide.

Best … Scott 8)

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Yes, I have already identified alcohol (definitely) and pineapples (maybe) as migraine triggers for me. I don’t have any other dietary triggers that are obvious. I cut out caffeine for a long time at one point but it didn’t help, and now I just have one or two cups of tea a day and drink decaff coffee. I also cut out the painkillers, and I’ve never used nasal sprays. I will look up the Nicholas Silver information Scott, thanks for the tip.

I will post about my medication in a separate post later.