New here

Hello there,
I just found this board while searching for more information. I have been suffering migraines and vertigo for almost 3 years. The doctors keep sending me back and forth between ENT and Neurology. I do have a significant loss of vestibular function on my left side, but they don’t agree whether it is congenital or not, so they just keep sending me back and forth…as I continue suffering.

When it first started, it didn’t appear to be BPPV, as movement did not seem to affect the vertigo. Lately it seems there are times when a head turn will trigger the vertigo.
I started to have migraine headaches about 6 months before the vertigo started, but the headaches and vertigo did not seem to be connected. Now I’m reading that vesibular migraine can have both symtoms happen totally separately.

I’m just doing some more reading. It’s a relief to know there are others who deal with this, even if I don’t have a specific reason for it yet.

Welcome aboard–you’re going to find so much comfort here. Please, ask anything you’d like–no matter how mundane you may think it seems. We’ve all asked the same at some point :wink:

Seriously. Scott–the site moderator/initiator/creator–has done a WONDERFUL job of offering research based information that will help you get yourself situated within the spectrum of this nightmare, while also providing plenty of space for venting, comiserating, and simple understanding among “friends.”

Tell a joke, or cry on our shoulders–we welcome you–but are sorry you have the unfortunate circumstance of finding yourself in need of this site’s services.

Thank you.
I guess I should give a little more information about myself. I’m a 39 year old woman. I’ve always been pretty healthy, except for chronic sinus infections since the age of 20. I had two sinus surgeries and nothing really helped until I found that rinsing with a neti pot every day helps a lot. I still get infections, but way less often than before.
I’m divorced, the mother of a 6 year old girl and I work full time. My life is stressful, and feeling exhausted and nausous all the time is not at all helpful. I have depression also…I think anyone would who feels terrible all the time with no idea why. Each day is a battle just to maintain normalcy. My family tries to be supportive, but I think they are tired of hearing about how I don’t feel well.
I’ve always been very sharp-minded, but now the brain fog has set in and I have had cognitive issues. I had just come to terms with getting older and losing the beauty of my youth…Now I feel old AND stupid.
I’m on the path to finding serenity and accepting what is…Hopefully, reading some of your stories will help me on my way.