New here

hi I’m new here and was wondering if ihave mav, I’ve been dizzy for 6 months after being given aflu jab when I was suffering a virus, the dizziness started straight after the jab.
I suffered for the first few months wih constsnt headaches, and pain in my nose , that docs said cud be a migraine and sent me away from a and e more than once, I also get nausea and stomach upsets, wheni go in shops the dizziness goes worse , does it sound like cud be mavs thanks…

Hi & welcome- the thing that stuck out to me was that you feel worse in stores- that is a major thing for me. It’s amazing what strange things migraine can do to us! Can I ask what happened at a&e? I am not personally aware of a link between the flu jab & dizzys but maybe others on here will?
Where abuts was the pain in your head? Have you had an MRI?

It sounds like it could be. Have you tried any meds yet? Seen a neurologist? x

I’m due a mri in saturday. only because I insisted becaue ent said it was just tinnitus and the dizsiness cud be because of my neck. no meds as no diagnosis

at a and e I went with headaches and blurr3d vision and pains in betweeen breasts to which i was told was all anxiety and given painkillers and sent home , and and e said I had tinnitus and to live with it