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New MAVER Same Story

I took Beconase for Hayfever for two days, one day half dose second full dose and suffered likewise. Took several days to revert to baseline. Doctor suggested I try it. I normally only use home-made saline and bicarbonate of soda saline rinse.

Good to hear of your apparent success with Amitriptyline. What dose did it take?

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I am only on 10mg but seeing way less dizziness but have this nagging headache for a couple of days(NEVER HAVE HA’S) I’ve taken Tylenol a couple of times but can’t seem to shake it… thinking of trying some maxalt one day soon… don’t want to over do the tyl for rebound reasons…

When I first started taking it I did notice my HR hit 100 early in the am and maybe a palpitation once or twice because I’ve been hyper aware. But nothing! Just this headache that keeps resurfacing it’s like my migraine is morphing or just a side effect. I’ve almost been on it a month. I see my neuro in 2 weeks and kind of expect a increase in my dose but we will see.


Thx. Sometimes people do do extremely well very quickly on such tiny doses of Amitriptyline.

Be interesting to hear what your neuro has to say. Annoying as you seemed to be going so well. MAV can morph from dizziness to headache and vice versus but then again could be an Ami side effect.


Update-the headaches have seemed to taper off and go away… they happened right before my cycle. And then went away once I started. Met with my neuro this week he wants me to stay with the 10mg ami for now. I feel like I’ve been having a lot of anxiety related shortness of breath. He gave me a script for lexapro 5mg. I feel like I’ve been in flight or freight for months/year and maybe that the clouds are lifting I’m more anxious!

That just sounds kinda crazy but I’m sure everyone can relate how this can just turn your whole life upside down for a long time. I haven’t started the lexapro I actually am going to my first therapy appointment next week so maybe that will do the trick after a couple of visits. I also am scared it will mess with my progress and perhaps make me dizzy again.

I would say I’m functioning 80% where I functioned at a solid 40% for months. I’ve had one slice of pizza and some chocolate chip cookies this week and felt pretty good minor dizzies but nothing like before. Things are definitely looking up!

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For most of the female species I’d lay bets hormones one way or another are the route cause. Do look into it further as I relates to you personally because these days there are so many available treatments to try. I recently posted about a good book I’d read which would certainly benefit younger women well. Will post a link. So much better to sort a root cause if you can find one. Not that there’s anything wrong with taking a tiny dose of Amitriptyline.

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Update-started the lexapro at 5mg(low dose) and had 2 back 2 back vertigo room spinning attacks. My neuro said my brain just needed to adjust to the medicine. But my anxiety related shortness of breath has completely been wiped away.

The topamax definitely induced asthma but left me with a air hungry shortness of breath that I have determined was definitely anxiety that I just couldn’t rid. I feel 1 million times better on the 5mg lexapro and have no shortness of breath!

Crazy how anxiety hides itself. I was convinced something was wrong with my lungs and heart I went and got checked and scanned from head to toe and nothing!

I still can feel underlying dizziness after I eat a lot or am really tired but I’m functioning 85% with a 2/4 year old and part time job so I am extremely happy I’m not trying to feel perfect. I am no longer on that rocking swaying boat and I feel like I’ve been given a new life. To anyone reading this you WILL get better just keep pushing. Also I COMPLETELY believe in the dizzy cook and HYH diet. The only times I have had room spinning vertigo were days I thought I was rock proof and could eat whatever I wanted and it gives me reality check FAST.


Hi Anna,

That’s great to hear you are doing so well! Sorry to hear about the initial lexapro start-up hurdles.

Did you stay on the ami and what dose?

I’m on 10mg Ami and 5mg lexapro… both really low and I don’t feel “perfect” but I’m WAY better! How are you doing this summer?

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Please don’t encourage others to post their updates in your space. Use the PM facility if required.

Strangely it was only yesterday I happened on this quote.

The top 5 most common triggers for vestibular migraine are; Stress and anxiety . Poor sleep – both too little, and too much! Hunger and dehydration – missing meals and not taking enough water.”

Pleased you have found something that helps. Experts fo say if the preventatives do work it was MAV that you had. I wonder if it might just be possible to further explore possible causes by looking closer at the exact specification of ‘successful’ medication prescribed. As far as I am aware Escitalopram is primarily used for GAD. It’s certainly not first line MAV preventative in U.K. So just maybe.

I PM’d you last night about my specifics :blush:

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