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Hello, I’m what I’ve seen called a “Newbie”. Lol. I just wanted to say hey to everyone, and I’m a bit nervous to be completely honest. But a friend of mine Strongly suggested I join this site, and thought it would be of much help to me. I’m a huge sufferer, of Migraines. Well, there you have it. Hope to get to know some of you all. R.

Big welcome ‘tinysparrow’!! :smiley: No need to be nervous!! We are all still “finding our way” here so glad you found us - hope we can be of help.
Any questions - ask away. You’ll find we have some of the strangest symptoms but someone else is sure to have them too!
What symptoms do you get with your migraines?

Welcome sparrow. Don’t be nervous … post away. :slight_smile:

Hey, I just wanted to say Thanks for the welcome. It’s nice to open your email up and see responses welcoming you. You already seem really cool. I’m pretty laid back, and try not to be too serious… but I do take some things seriously, and if I can help another, like I’ve had other’s help me in the past, I feel like I’ve done something really special. And it gives me a really good feeling!! I also need help too, though. And i think I’ve come to the right place. I definitely know theirs different shades of people on sites like this. But everyone is unique and different. And I think we all need to remember that and respect each other for it. I just look forward to meeting and getting to know whoever. Lol. And get some information too. Take care, and have a great week guys… and gals. Abb.