New moderators

Hi All,

I’m making a few changes to strengthen the board and have asked two new members to help with managing things here – sort of like a group of directors – people who have very kindly offered their time to offer support and their knowledge for people dealing with VM and other vestibular issues.

I should have announced this much earlier but Robert has been a moderator here for about 2 months now and has been doing a great job, especially while I was away in Canada and the States. Thanks amigo.

Kelley is also going to join the team as of today. She has tons of knowledge about all of the various medicines used for treating VM. Our resident pharmacy guru! Many of you would know that she has been an amazing source of knowledge and support for so many people for years.

And Victoria who is my go-to person whenever I need a reality check about anything. It goes without saying that she of course is an enormous source of knowledge and has offered her support here for years as well.

A big thanks from me to the mods for helping out and keeping the forum great.

Scott 8)

Well done Scott, great team, good choice of people!

Thanks Robert, Kelley and Vic!

This forum is a great source of knowledge and support to people.

Long may it stay that way.

Christine :slight_smile:

Thank you Scott for the intro…I haven’t been on here as much as I used to, and many new faces here probably don’t know me. But I want to say I hope to be a source of information and support to the best of my ability, as this forum saved my life. I am appreciative to have found this forum, and to have befriended fellow MAV’ers…It’s my honor to pay it forward. :slight_smile:

My mission is to stamp out Spam wherever I find it. Eternal vigilance! :twisted:


Yay! Thank you VERY MUCH, Scott, Robert, Kelley, Victoria! (Sorry for late reply; was gone all month.)