New on the board

:idea: Hi Adam
I,v tried to get in tuch with you on Dizzy board, but I’v sean your post where you said you will not post there anymore. So, here I am.
As I recall in one of your old post, you said you are taking Sandomigran (Pizotifen) for a MAV. I was given same medication and I was told to take half a tablet twice a day for five days, and after that to go to on full tablet twice a day. So, first day I took half a tablet, and I could not stop yawning, I was short of breath and half a tablet made me sleep for almost 14 hours. As You have been taking same medication, did you have same problem, is it normal for it to happen. I did not take another one. Will not untill I see Dr. P D CREMER. ( By the way, Dr P D Cremer nd Dr G M HALMAGYI work together on the same problems. My next appointment with him is sometime in Feb. As my vertigo and heaaches did stop about 3 weeks age, I ill not take more medication till I see him. Can you tell me bit more about Pizotifen? Kind regars from Menka ( By the ay, I need spellchck)

I don’t post on dizzbord anymore either…

But that is beside the point… welcome Menka!


Hi Menka,

I also found this site through the other board. I’m hbep on that board. I am taking pizotifen, 5 weeks now, haven’t seen any results yet although I am on a v. low dose. I was told that it does generally make people feel very tired and hungry intially. It certainly did with me - and this happened again when I upped my dose, although the worst of this does wear off - you don’t continue to feel that tired. I have a friend who had great success with it. She said it made her extremely tired at first but it got better, it also cured her MAV, so obviously she was really happy with it.



Hannah, it’s me Jen30 from the dizzy board! Are you still on this board. I see this post is from 2004.
The fact that I’m here again is of course not good news from me. I’ve managed my symptoms so well for years (with lots of ups and downs but i’ve managed) and now in the past 2 weeks I’ve had 2 MAJOR relapses; so major that my symptoms are as bad as they were when this all started in 2002. Why, why, why I’m asking whoever will listen to me. I see a neurologist named Dr Waterston in Melbourne who I discovered from an Adam on the Dizzy board so many years ago (perhaps the same Adam as this board??) and he has had me on Nortriptyline for approx. a year and then it stopped working and now I’ve been on Amitriptyline again for the past 5 months and it was working brilliantly until now. He reckons my body is processing it too well now and i just need to increase the dose. I hope he’s right, but why the such a severe setback after all these years?

My boys are now 4 and 2 (almost 5 and 3) and today my husband had to take time off work to look after them. Oh, I gave up work in Feb this year as I wasn’t managing with my illness, my job and the kids and so far 2009 has been really good to me. I am so devastated by this relapse.

Anyway, it was quite exciting to see your name on this board. I hope you’re still around (for good reasons of course).


Hey Jenny,

Great to see you here! It’s been years. Remember me from the Healthboards? Turns out I had MAV all that time that really went nuts after the initial VN in 2003. Hope you’ll stick around … I’ll let Hannah know you dropped by. She’s been really busy with work.

Cheers … Scott

Hi Scott
Yes, I remember you! I wondered if it was the same Scott.
It’s nice to see some familiar names on the board, but I do wish I didn’t have a reason to come back :frowning:
I’m feeling a little better today. 2 major relapses in the last 3 weeks has been very frightening. I can’t understand why after all these years. I’ve increased my dose of Ami so of course feeling a little drowsy from that too until I get used to the dose. It’s been working so well for me the past 4 months. Hopefully this is all i need.
I’ll keep reading the boards to see how you’ve been Scott - from my initial reading of a few posts you seem very knowledgable on the subject. Am i remembering correctly that you’re in Sydney?

Hey Jenny,

Yup, I’m in Sydney still living at Bondi Beach. Sorry to hear you’re back because of new migraine activity. Mine is not in good control at all right now because I can’t handle any of the meds. The only thing I’m on that I can just stand is Aropax (Paxil) 2.5 mg plus the odd valium when needed and supplements such as magnesium etc.

I can’t understand why after all these years.

Unfortunately migraine is an ever-changing beast. It tends to change over time and can come back to bite you again. Sometimes a med that was once effective can lose its grunt and you have to swap to another. For some, the whole thing can just die out completely.

I’ve forgotten where you live exactly. You’re in Australia right?


Hi Scott
Yes, I’m in Melbourne. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait it out and see whether my increased dose of Ami does the trick. Not a happy camper right now - I thought I had the worst of this behind me a long time ago!
Sorry to hear you’re still struggling after all this time too.