New strange symptoms

I have been experiencing some new symptoms wondering if anyone else has these feelings the dr. Says migraines .
Used to just get dizzy seems to be getting worse.

Feeling of shaking in my arms
Pain in back of head
Eye pressure
Feeling of lost balance
Irregular heart beats

Eye floaters and flashes and worms
Muscle twitching
Hearing Loss

Happening 2-3 times a week

Those all sound like migraine related complaints. I, myself, have had many. I have read others that have had the more peripheral things…like twitching muscles etc…
Don’t worry…it’s just more of this STUFF!!

Kelley’s Right, Migraine can do absolutely **EVERY THING **to our bodies.
I asked my neuro if I was just going mad… and he said it’s just the migraine doing it’s thing.
geesh were are the lucky ones.


I experience most of the symptoms you experienced.

Welcome …

Yea I have had dizzy and a few other things but the last 8 months starting to get the headaches and the other stuff hopefully it starts going the other way now lol I hate this disease but we are stuck with it :slight_smile:

Yes, I have had most of these at some point. Particularly palpitations and weak/shaky feeling, and fatigue.

floater yes(never had before), headaches yes, chronic fatigue yes, vertigo, dizzy, ear feedback issues,hissing,pain in ears…im still not convinced that its all due to migrane. ive had the ripper killer migranes for years but not vertigo or anything else they were nothing like this

Yea sure seems strange that this is migraines there is just so many strange feeling and don’t get them all the same time and they last for day to months but if it’s a brain problem I guess what’s the diff hope one day it all gets figured out or goes away lol I am dreaming :slight_smile:

I get these virtually all my waking time:

Feeling of shaking in my arms (and my knees, legs)
Eye pressure (this may be due to the amitriptyline for me)
Feeling of lost balance (biggest one!)
Irregular heart beats (yes, this has been the case almost non-stop for a year)

Fatigue (second worst one)
Muscle twitching (yes, all over my body, and it correlates with my other symptoms)

Enough Lisa. Please stop.