New Symptom - arm feels disconnected

Hi All,

This symptom is by no means new to me, as I suffered with this sensation a lot around the age of 18 / 19, but since Tuesday I have had the feeling like my right arm is not connected to me, like it is not my own arm.

If I see the arm move in the periphery of my vision it seems like it somehow shouldn’t be there or as if it is someone elses.

I know this is most likely all linked into the sensory rubbish messed up by our hypersensitive nervous systems but im hoping it doesn’t last to long.

The funny thing is, that the dizziness seems to have lessened since having this very strange symptom. Its as though my brain can only give me certain weird sensations but not all at the same time.

my arms dont feel disconnected but they ache so do my legs!! they both ache on and off.

My arms ache lots too and in bed both my arms and hands often go numb, not sure if it’s MAV related but i assume it could be. :confused:

mine is more pins and needles down the right side of my body, around my head aswell but mainly in my arm. My arm still has strength and i can use it normally but it feels weird because it doesnt feel like its my own arm… totally freaky. I found another post of my own where I had this back in 2009 so I am hoping it will pass in time.

Migraine is a really messed up condition