New symptom - is it typical

Ive had tinnitus for years - but lately has turned into a definite deafness in one ear which last a few seconds then goes away without any long term effects - is this just another MAV related episode - seems like it maybe getting triggered by back movement sitting at my desk as usual - I had an uncomfortable nights sleep and couldnt seem to get comfortable - took a Propranalol and it seemed to ease it back to just normal tinnitus after a few minutes …MAV is a wonderful thing isnt it…Paul.

I sympathise … I’ve had so many variations in my MAV symptoms, just when I think I’ve seen everything it comes along and presents something new …

Recently I had vertigo so badly it would literally come on if ever I was vaguely horizontal which then made it scary to lie down! Thankfully i’ve had 2 weeks of vertigo remission recently so that phase is now over (for the time being!)

I think it’s like a pressure thing. I get things like that. Occasional different pitch sounds in ear as it clears straight away.

My tinitus comes and goes completely. When it’s clear I feel good and have no dizzy unsteady symptoms.

So the ear really is like a warning to me as such. If it’s ringing then I will prob start to feel rough.

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Glad your ok now. It has a mind of its own. I would just have tinitus all the time if I had the choice of that or the dizzy stuff. I just can’t stand the dizzy symptoms as that ruins my life when it happens.

Yeah, that’s an interesting one - choose tinnitus or dizziness … it really depends on the character of both. Sometimes my tinnitus is less annoying and ‘smooth’, other times its very intrusive and loud …

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I think I’ve had every MAV symptom out there, and, yes, I lose hearing in one ear or the other that disappears as quickly as it came on. Today, and there have been other occasions, my ear started to ache for a few minutes, then went away. I hate all of it!

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