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New symptoms - help please!

Hi I’ve had VM since October 2018 and my symptoms have always been boat rocking and head pushing/pulling/falling sensations. I’m on Nortriptyline 40mg and had been on Venlafaxine 75mg for a year or so but added another 37.5mg in the afternoons (titrating up slowly) about a month or so ago. Around the same time I started having new symptoms first involving more sensitivity to head movement and then actual head spinning vertigo rather than just dizziness - it was really bad for a few days about 3 weeks ago then completely went away but yesterday and today it’s back again. When it happens it’s always associated with a head movement - up down or sideways, it seems a bit random. Not always when I’m rolling to one particular side, for instance. Makes me feel very nauseous as well.

Has anyone experienced this as part of VM or is this likely to be something else on top of the VM? I tried doing the manoeuvres that fix BPPV this morning in case it’s that, but they made me feel much worse afterwards so I’m not sure what that means. Strangely I didn’t have the nystagmus when I did the Hallpike test but after I’d done all the manoeuvres and lay down afterwards, I got nystagmus just from lying down normally.

Any suggestions as to what could help will be very welcome!!

(Hey @dizzy I’m aware you are not completely new but I noticed you’ve not posted an intro topic or diary yet so let’s use this one)

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Unfortunately, Katharine @dizzy, that sounds like typical MAV getting used to new things to me.

Right, yes it seems sadly that that must be the case, Emily @flutters. How long does it usually take you to get back to your “normal” after a full-on spinning episode?

My full spins are short. I’m more of a quick spin and generally dizzy gal. Our undisputed queen of the long vertigo is Helen @Onandon03. She’s good for 8+ days.

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Thanks @flutters , I also had just quick spins but maybe 4 or 5 times within one day and now it has calmed down but that was on Tuesday and I’m still left with quite a lot worse general dizziness than I had before that day. So I was kind of meaning how many days does it take for you to get back to your normal baseline dizziness after a spin or does that happen immediately for you?

It depends on how much MAV has a hold on me. Quick spins last a few minutes. When thresholds are high that might be it though that’s an indication I’m about to fall off a Cliff. If I’m in the depths I go from disabling disequilibrium to just a background functional dizzy.


The answer is ‘how long is a piece of string’ I’m afraid. The vertigo is an indication the vestibular system is struggling. Things won’t be right until it stops completely and some. From my experience in recent years I have had bits of vertigo such as you speak which are indicative something bigger is about to happen before it actually does then post The Happening BPPV like stuff that has happened daily for about a month before finally settling until the next time …but that’s me. Not necessarily you or anybody else. Very individual it all is.


Thanks, Helen. I seem to have returned to my normal (quite bad) baseline so at least that’s a relief :slightly_smiling_face: