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I have had Vertigo for a long time. First had it with working under a car and would start feeling so sick I had to go inside a lay down on my stomach and close my eyes. I have fallen many times and it is worse with tight areas or when there are a lot of people around going different directions. Like a a store or hallway. I will usually go away.

On 4-5-22 I had a sudden bout and fell. This time I could not get up or set up. Very powerful and I had to lay where I was for about 5 minutes then slowly set up and then get up and walk holding on to objects back inside. 5-5-22 I had the most severe episode. I went down very late at night but was able to get in my recliner. It was so powerful and I broke out into a sweat. A loud hum in my left ear and I was worried I was going to fall out of the chair, This lasted for 15 minutes and I tried to call for help but could get no one to answer so I call 911. I went in to the hospital and it was 3-4 hours before I could use a walker to move on my own to use the bathroom. They did a lot of tests and were not concerned it was a censure, stroke, or a heart problem. I have a large blood clot in my left leg for the last 4 years and they knew about that. Foamily doc sent me to ENT guy who sent me for a test where they put black out goggles on me and blew cold and hot air in my ears. I started PT 7-15-22 and they are just having me hold a printed letter in front of me and move my head. Been doing that as directed but started having headaches and feeling worse. Having trouble with vision. Trouble with computer and TV screen. Then last night 7-17-22 another super powerful episode only this time I was setting in my recliner. Again sweat broke out and I was worried I was going to fall out of the chair. I closed my eyes(helps) and layed back and was able to call someone after 20 minutes or so I had helt getting in bed to lay down. My new walker was set up for me and phone close to call if I needed help. Again it took hours to improve to a point where I could move on my own with the walker. I have never thrown up but do feel sick to mu stomach. Most 99% of the time since 5-5-22 I feel like I just stepped off a whirly ride at an amusement park. Still have the little stumbles now and then. Low and Bright light make things worse and looking for items on the top row at the grocery store make things a bit worse. 2-3 other times since 5-5 I have felt sick and had to lay down and close my eyes to get relief.

This new supper powerful episodes that put me down unable to moveon my own for hours has me really scared. I try not to leave my house for fear of it happening again. Is this part of Vertigo or do I need to get to some other doctors?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and any help you can provide,

Hi Jack

Your story does sound really frightening so certainly can relate. Sorry you’re having this :slightly_frowning_face:

The first thing I would suggest is getting a referral to see a neurologist or neuro-otologist the latter I believe are specialists in vertigo. I think your story would certainly benefit from a specialist to look over. If you’re in the UK and wanted to see one quickly I’d suggest (if it’s financially viable) to go private as the NHS has such long waiting times.

Your story resonates with me because this is how I started off with the vertigo first for years and general dizziness, then the headaches came afterwards. This could certainly be migraine but I’m no doctor. You’re in the right place however for support and suggestions galore.

Are you just noticing the vertigo, headaches and odd vision? Are there any other ear symptoms? I think a specialist would be a great next step for you. Depending on where you are in the world I am sure the lovely people that frequent this forum would chip in if you’re near someone they’ve seen or believe to be experts in this field.

I hope you find comfort in this forum Jack. I wish you the best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the reply. I have had head injuries and hearing loss that started with bad ear infections when I was very young before they put tubes in children’s ears and you just rode it out. At the hospital visit there was a Neurologist but he was there to make sure there was no seizure going on and I was told to make a 3 month follow up but it seems they do not want to see me again. My regular doctor sent me to a ENT guy who saw me and heard it seems something in my story as at one point it seemed my time was up and he said he needed to have me do a test and then left and I have not talked to him since and there are no appointments to see him again. I called the office to let them know I had another major attack and it was difficult to get to speak with nurse and then when I did she said the doctor would just want me to continue PT. She said she would send a message to the doctor and call me back but so far no word yet.

I have not had headaches with the episodes both the minor and the really severe ones. I did have headaches with the PT treatment exercises and I had vision problems also with just those head movement exercises. And I could “feel” the sickness a bit more with tv and computer screen use.

I read about people getting an attack and throwing up after running to the bath room. I do get nauseous with both major and the minor ones but I have never thrown up. The major attacks are so bad I cannot go anywhere except down. Even setting in a chair I had my second major one. So that has me worried that it can happen again any time even driving. These 2 super intense attacks are so different from what I have gone through in the past that I am also concerned this may be something else. What ever it is I get this feeling there is a lot the doctors will not tell me. I am retired and on Medicare in the US but have a decent Part G supplement plan. The thing is that where I live in the US is not known for quality health care. I do not live in a large population area like New York, LA, Miami, or Chicago so a really good doctor does not pick my home near Wichita, KS as a place to set up shop. And insurance companies seem to be powerful enough to control all the health care in my state also. The good part is with my current insurance I can leave my state and still have coverage now. So I can go else where as long as they accept Medicare.

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Hi Jack

I certainly would push getting in to see a neurologist sooner rather than later. Great that you can go elsewhere on the insurance though. I would get on the web and search for neurologists near me and give places a call. With Conditions like this we all seem to have been fobbed off from doctors etc but if I hadn’t have been I might have been able to have not being quite so chronic as I am now. I don’t know what your issue is but I certainly would be my own boss with this one and get in with a neurologist. They will most likely see you and order a brain scan which can also be reassuring in most cases which will put you at ease hopefully.

Let us know how you get on.