New to Bouncing Vision

I’ve seen references to this though I’ve never read through the threads as bouncing vision wasn’t part of my particular experience. Now - I’m experiencing the bouncy vision. It only last as long as it takes to reset my visual horizon, if that makes any sense.

Can anyone tell me anything else?

Mmmm, sarcastically speaking, that is one of my favorite symptoms. :lol: It is the last sign of how severe my dizziness is and tells me when to call it a day. When I get real dizzy, it will happen as soon as I relax my eyes. When I get REALLY BAD, it happens with every step, and I can’t fight it. Those are the days that I call it quits and plant a seat on the cauch at home.

The only relief I can get from it when walking is to stop, close my eyes, and concentrate on how vertical I am standing, straighten myself out, and let myself relax for a moment. At that point I proceed for my bottle of valium, contact everyone that I was going to interact with that day and tell them that if they need anything I will be at home curled up in a ball on the couch.

BTW, if someone were to see you eyes when you experience this, they would see them bouncing all over the place. For future reference, especially when talking to the docs, this is called nystagmus, and I hate it.