New to forum!

Hello. I am glad that I found this forum.

I have been suffering from vertigo since January 2008. The episodes last from 3-5 days and there is usually several months between. I have had various tests for hearing and BPPV, had an MRI. Seen internists, ENT and finally last March a neurologist, who suggested I was suffering from MAV.

I was put on Zoloft as a preventative med and given migranal to try if the vertigo returned. It returned last week, migranal didn’t seem to help. I was back to normal and feeling really good after 3 days in bed and a shaky recovery weekend. Thought that I wouldn’t have to worry about another episode for many months, as that is how this has always been for me. Then BAM! 5 days later I am having it again. Took the migranal again, it seemed to help a bit. But as with other attacks I feel best in bed, sleeping. And so that is what I have been doing. This is my first day out of bed since Thursday evening. I have no appetite. I still feel a bit “off”. Weak, tired.

And stressed! I have to go to work tomorrow! I am the breadwinner for our family and everytime I have one of these attacks I freak out because it means I miss work for at least 3 days.

I have emailed my neurologist and will be making a follow up appt. Althought he assures me I have had a complete work up. He says that there are other meds we can try.

I am feeling scared and nervous.
Any advice is appreciated!


Welcome to mvertigo! Glad you at least know what you’re dealing with.

How much Zoloft are you on?

Try and stay calm in all of this. It will pass … getting stressed out will make it worse though I know it’s very hard to not freak.

Scott :slight_smile:

Thank you for the welcome Scott!

I am on 50mg of the Zoloft.

It is a catch 22…don’t know if the zoloft works or not…if I wasn’t taking it, would I have had more or more severe episodes? One of those faith things.

I am calmer than when I first posted. I am feeling better as the day moves on. Which is good (of course) because the biggest stress thing is for me to be able to work tomorrow. The house, meals, and laundry can fall apart…my sole focus is being able to go to work.

I will be looking around the site and finding information to help me prepare for my appointment.

Thanks Again!