New to MAV & this forum

I am 41 yr old female, diagnosed with MAV in Feb 10 after about two years of dizziness intially diagnosed as BPPV. I am being treated by Dr John Waterston & my GP. I commenced Sandomigran 2 mths ago after disatorous attempt with another drug Propanol I think.
Sando worked well until 2 weeks ago when I started to get falling sensations & am now back to being dizzy everyday, not as bad as I intially was but bad enough for me to see doc. I started Epilim last night, just reading the sides has freaked me out.
Anyway I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this & could give me any advice. I have read that it causes massive weight gain which I need like a hole in the head…
I would appreciate any help or advice anyone here can provide.