New to this board and I have a question

I went to a neurologist yesterday, and he diagnosed me with Meniere’s. Says it can’t be MAV because I never had headaches when I was younger. (I am 58, and this started about 7 years ago. ) But my symptoms are just like what most of y’all describe. Who amongst you has MAV diagnosis but no earlier headaches?

Lollly, I never had headaches, and in fact to this day have never had a single migraine “headache” in the classic sense in my entire life. My migraines are never painful. I have lots of other symptoms–head pressure, tingling and numbness along with the rocking vertigo, but I’ve almost never had any pain.

Regardless, my problem was clearly migraine despite the lack of any painful headaches. But looking back at my life I definitely had migraine episodes throughout my life even though I didn’t realize that was what was going on because they never hurt.

Yeah, what you were told is complete nonsense.

See the following post and read the fact sheets there:

[size=130]Migraine can manifest with non-pain symptoms[/size]
A common misperception of migraine is that it is just a “really bad headache.” While it is true that many people with migraines find the headache to be the most incapacitating part of their migraines, it is very important to understand that migraine often involves non-pain symptoms. These non-pain symptoms are quite variable, and can include things such as visual changes, numbness or tingling, weakness of part of the body incoordination, language impairment, cognitive changes, and even alterations in consciousness. One of the most common non-pain symptoms of migraine is disequilibrium in its various forms, such as unsteadiness, dizziness, lightheadedness, or vertigo (Kayan and Hood 1984).

[size=130]The pain and non-pain parts of migraine can behave independently[/size]
Migraine is sometimes difficult to recognize because the pain part (the headache) and the non-pain part (whether it is dizziness, visual changes, weakness, etc.) do not necessarily occur simultaneously. In fact, the pain and the non-pain parts of migraine can follow completely separate schedules (Bisdorff 2004). Sometimes the non-pain parts of migraine have a rather chronic nature, and can even go on for several months, totally independent of actual headaches.

[size=130]Migraine can occur even without headache[/size]
Though rare, some people have migraines that rarely or never involve headaches. In other words, their migraines only have non-pain symptoms. You may have heard of so- called “ocular migraines,” and this is one example of a migraine that only has only non-pain symptoms (namely, visual symptoms) and no headache whatsoever. But any of the other non-pain symptoms mentioned above can also be the sole manifestation of migraine (Amos and Fleming 2000; Freedom and Jay 2003).

Scott 8)

Unfortunately your neuro either doesn’t know much about migraine or didn’t properly define ‘headache’. I have never had the crushing ice pick headache most migraineurs complain of and I’ve been having migraines for over 25 years.

‘Headache’ can include sinus pain, jaw pain, neck pain, feeling of pressure or fullness in the head etc.

Meniere’s is very rare and migraine is very common.

If I were you I’d do your research and ask your neurologist a lot of questions or better yet get a second opinion.

Good luck!

I’ve never had a migraine type headache in my life either so it is certainly possible to not have headaches and to have migraine