New To This Site

Hi everyone

I’m new to this site and I have to say very confused !
I was told 3 years ago I had MD. I have now had some tests done {water flushed in my ears} when I went to get the results the registrar really confused me. She said I may have MAV. OK, but I don’t suffer from migraine I told her this but she went on and on and on about MAV - I left with my head buzzing and going out of my mind. I still dont know if I have MD or MAV. Anyway, being sent for balance training and hearing therapy. Is any one on Beta Blockers? I’m concerned as she wants me to try them but they lower your blood pressure and when I have an attack my blood pressure drops . HELP
Best wishes

Hi Janet, you dont happen to have heart palputations at all do you, the only reson i ask is , i have had them for many years and only recently due to collapsing at work realised it was a little more serious than i thought the palps i mean, it turns out i have superventricular tachycardia, it’s not too serious and very commen prob, but if you have it for too long or youre heart races too fast it can cause low blood pressure.
the only reson i’m asking is the drug they have just put me on for my heart , just happens to be the very same drug used for MAV the first line treatment at presant. it’s called venapamil, i think its a calsium channel blocker, dont quote me on that though. anyway its called venapamil, Adam has it in one of his articles on mav on the front page of this site.
they say for mav it can take up to 10 weeks to make a difference or work, any way if you do have any palps it might be worth going to the hospital and checking out whether you have svt , if so you could ask them to try this venapamil instead as it may have less of a chance of low blood pressure thats why they’v used it on me. but you do have to go while having the heart racing episode. some people like me dont or didnt even know i had a racing heart i thought it was just the occasional palputation.
goodluck jen

HI Jen
I did suffer from heart flutters but now i have my cholesterol under control
im fine with that and its not a problem but i will have it checked all the same as i have changed doctors as the last ones were no help to me so will keep you posted
thanks Janet