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Hi everyone,

I just got a possible diagnosis of VM and/or PPPD yesterday. I wanted to write my symptoms and see if people here could resonate since I’m still not completely sure if I have VM.
-24/7 rocking sensation like on a boat
-constant trampoline/marshmallow walking
-head pressure/bowling bowl
-difficult to focus eyes
-looks as those objects in the room or the room itself is moving (like zooming in and out, tilting, or side to side)
I don’t get true migraine headaches but I do get headaches more often than usual (used to think this was due to trying to balance all the time but I guess it can also be due to VM).

One thing I’m really curious about and something that is REALLY troubling me lately is that my symptoms seem to be gradually getting worse and I don’t know if that’s a normal thing. I’m at 10 months now and for 8-9 months I’ve had pretty consistent symptoms which was rocking, head pressure, more frequent headaches and the rare occasional feeling of the ground caving underneath me). For the past month, however, I got the trampoline ground making it harder to walk-something I’ve never had before. Objects in my vision are also moving wayyy more than before and the tilting feeling is much stronger than before. Furthermore, things spin when I’m laying down to sleep which is something I have also not had before. I started VT like a few weeks ago so maybe that could make it worse. Also, im a college student so I came back to school a month ago so the stress of that and trying to figure this out could also contribute. I think I just need reassurance that I’m ok and that it’s normal to have periods where everything seems to just be getting worse. Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy and that this worsening is due to some horrible underlying problem and that it can only get worse. Just need some guidance :frowning:

Hello and welcome. I am a student myself and I know how it feels. All these symptoms can be caused from VM, I had/have many of those, especially the eye problems and the fog/thinking problem which is really frustrating because you cant keep up a single conversation. You should ask your doctor to prescribe you some medications for this condition it will help a lot and keep symptoms down a bit. Also try to reduce the incoming stress and dont push yourself to the limits(for studying, excercising etc)


Hi, and welcome. Sorry to hear you are suffering. I’m not a doctor but your symptoms sound typical VM to me. If a medic’s told you that’s what you have that’s most probably what it is. There’s no definitive test to prove it I’m afraid. All ‘educated’ guesswork. I lived with a ‘probable’ Migraine Associated Vertigo’ diagnosis for virtually 16 years. That’s as definite as it got. They do say if you follow the migraine prevention protocols and they work, that’s what it was in the first place. Seems about as good as it gets.

I don’t - or didn’t - either not for many years. One thing you learn about VM is it keeps evolving. And untreated over time it does get worse in my experience. Good idea to try to treat it as soon as possible. Btw you aren’t wrong when you say you link symptoms to ‘balance’. MAV has been described by consultants as a ‘Migraine Variant Balance Disorder’. It affects balance, the dizziness is an indication of that.

You aren’t going crazy, rest assured. It does seem to be making you anxious which is understandable. It might be helpful if you could fully accept the VM diagnosis. You need to do that before you can recover. You don’t say who gave you that diagnosis. Perhaps you need to see a neurologist if if was your own doctor and you cannot believe him/her fully. Once you can accept the diagnosis you can move on by starting the diet, lifestyle changes (trigger avoidance etc) and most probably eventually medication. Don’t let the anxiety win. VM will feed on anxiety. VM is not at all uncommon. It’s benign, will not kill you but it does worsen over time left untreated. It’s all down to hypersensitivity in the brain and although not doing permanent damage symptoms can disrupt your life considerably whilst you have it. Read some of the Personal Diaries as examples,

Could very well be. I presume you mean VRT - Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy not Vision Therapy? Either can affect balance. Many people with unstable migraine find VRT makes them much worse. I certainly did.

Good Luck on your Journey. Hope you soon find a path that leads in the right direction. Helen

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VM morphs constantly including getting worse at times. Your tests, like pretty much everyone with VM, show you that you can stop worrying about it being something worse. We literally all go thru that stage. VM is plenty challenging without obsessing about what else it could be but isn’t.

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