New to VM

Hello all!

I am new to the vestibular migraine world. My shorten story- started noticing more frequent dizzy/lightheaded spells summer 2020. By October 2020 episodes began being daily- with also the addition of feeling unbalanced (‘walking on a boat’), headache, nausea, neck stiffness, etc…

Few questions:

  1. Has anyone tried scopolamine patches with success in symptoms
  2. Anyone experience a stiff/sore neck? What helps you??
  3. What are everyone’s food triggers? The list to avoid is frightening to a newbie

Thank you everyone!


Please search before risking turning your own Topic into a messy “bikeshed” of rag-tag responses to a variety of questions.

Most of these subjects should already be covered elsewhere in their own dedicated topics as they should be. Follow up there, first by reading the existing material, then post on the end of a suitable Topic if you need to.

You will only get responses now from a handful of recent members who still look at the site.

Hello! I am new to VM as well. This forum has a mine of information and has a very good search facility so as long as scrolling doesn’t affect you too much, definitely worth having a look :slight_smile:

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