New with lots of questions

Hi im new to this website but not to vm. I’ve been suffering for 10 years. Have tried amitriptalin topamax and now on lamotrigine/lactamil. But I’m worse than ever.
Never heard of the diet until here I was just told to avoid cheese and wine.
My questions are : how can I stop waking up with a migraine? I wake up with vertigo falling over and vomiting, headache fullness in the ear and neck and jaw pain. Its every morning at the moment and with 4 kids its impossible. I take cinarizine when its bad.
Can too much sleep make it worse? I get about 10hrs but always have.
How do other people’s families cope? Mine are starting to get very annoyed with me since its got worse, like they don’t believe me. I’m under an extreme amount of stress right now but can’t go into details on here but I’m wondering if thats the reason.
Does anyone get vertigo so bad they can’t turn their head? Not sure if this is normal or something I should check out.

I’ve seen so many specialists and been told anxiety menieres migraine etc. Going to see dr s surinthrian at Blackheath next month whos a neuro-otologist. Anyone heard of this specialty as a friend recommend him but never heard of it.

Sorry for all the questions but feeling very alone right now with no where to turn.

A neurotologist is the right type of specialist to deal with MAV, and to differentiate between MAV and meniere’s. Others on this board have used the fella you’re going to see; you might want to do a search for his name.

I think you will be in good hands with Dr. S…he is meant to be one of the very best.

Sorry this is happening…if you can get the book,“Heal your Headache”, I think you will find it helpful…until you can see the good doctor…


Hi Kez,
Please hang in there until you see Doctor S, he is the very best , so kind, so patient and so knowledgable and helped me get well. I agree…get the book , it is such a help, and start the diet so that you have already been following it for a few weeks before you see Doctor S.
Good Luck