New with questions


I was recommended to visit this forum by alternaace over at another health forum, and here I am :slight_smile:

briefly, I have not been dx with MAV (yet?) butI did see an ENT recently who specialises in vertigo related issues and he dx BPPV tho from what I’ve since read it’s possible for MAV to have aspects of BPPV.

My story in a nutshell

41 years olf
long history of anxiety
various ongoing odd symptoms that no doc has been able to figure out and which don’t fit the MAV profile so I won’t mention them here
a few migraines with headaches in my 20s
in recent years a number of text-book optical migraines
neck issues that can cause tension headaches
2 clear brain MRIs most recently 2009
Spate of blood tests over the years including this year - all 100% normal

Recent symptoms
Since mid-July (started 3 days after a 4 hour boat trip - ? possible MdDS but now it doesn’t clear with movement as it did initially
2 types of vertigo: 1 short intense (few seconds) dizzy spells ENT thinks is BPPV but it happens when i sit still not when i move my head, tho he was able to trigger it by one type of movement
Ongoing (hours / days) disequilibrium, floating, rocking sensation with visual component but not typical aura flashing
In recent weeks stronger visual component - vision seems ‘off’, not clear, lights too bright and this causes hectic nausea
Blocked ears during dizziness sometimes
Occaisional shivers / chills preceding or during these episodes
Sensitive to lights, noise and smells

All the above seem to be MAV typical

The questions I have are about the following non typical symptoms

Long-lasting (hours) episodes of heavy, weak feeling in BOTH arms, loss of dexterity with fingers. Can still use arms but ability to write / type or do other simple things with my hands and fingers. between these spells my hands and arms feel fine. Seems to start usually when I am working on the PC
Sweaty hands
Constant need to move esp my legs - can’t sit still, always rocking or crossing and uncrossing my legs

Any comments on any of the above would be wonderful!


I am quite new to MAV myself but I read your history and the one thing that stood out to me was when you said about restless legs. The doctor I have seen, Dr Silver, who specialises in migraine says that restless legs are typical of migraine and he asked me several times about that. I don’t have it myself but I think it can be one of the unusual symptoms and definitely one thing he would consider to base a diagnosis on x

Thanks Jem

I did wonder about having RLS anyway but everything I’ve read says it happens mostly at night. I have no issues at night, it’s always during the day, usually when working, but even sometimes in the car (can be fun when I’m driving!)

Appreciate your input tho :slight_smile:

Aloha Mermaid!

And welcome. Sorry you have to be here…

The tingly/heavy feeling arms…I get that in my bad episodes. Last a couple of hours. I believe its nerve related.

Have you read Heal your headache by David Bucholz? It might help you determine whether the symtpms you’ve been sure are not migraine, actually are.


sometimes my legs ache i don’t know if that is restless legs!!

sometime you can associate everything to MAV. I have an itch on my back oh that’s definitely MAV!! :lol:

Welcome, you sound as ‘normal’ as the rest if us here! Your symptoms sound very much like mav to me. My foot is vibrating as we speak! X

What have you got your foot on?! :lol:

Thanks all

Haven’t read that book but will look out for it.

Missmoss when you get it in your arms is it in both equally? i don’t get pins and needles just this heavy feeling and my hands and fingers feel spaz

Yeah, it’s pretty equal, I think which is how they know it’s not a stroke. (every cloud!)

It’s a little bit like someone’s punched my arms a few hours before so they feel heavy or like I’ve been carrying heavy weights, but with a kind of fizzing feeling too.

yeah that sounds like me. with the added joy of stiff fingers and ‘dropsy’ / clumsiness… fun times :-/