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An interesting article and – wait for it – they mention dizziness, and nausea in the NYT: … ref=health

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A reason migraines are so maddeningly elusive is that they are not simply bad headaches. They stem from a genetic disorder (yes, you have your parents to blame) that afflicts 36 million Americans and manifests as a group of symptoms that besides head pain may include [size=130]dizziness, visual disturbances, numbness and nausea[/size].

Some of the symptoms resemble those from other disorders, like sinus headaches, epilepsy, eye problems or even strokes. And to further complicate matters, sufferers react in varied ways to medications.

“What might be a miracle drug for one person could be a dud for another,” said Dr. Joel Saper, director of the Michigan Headache and Neurological Institute, a treatment and research center in Ann Arbor. “There is no universally effective therapy.”

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I think people are finally getting the message that this is not just a headache. I’m going to post some very good info right from the horses mouth soon: a discussion with Dr Robert Baloh. Guess what he said is THE most common symptom of migraine after headache? Dizziness. First time I’ve ever heard that but not surprised. For me it’s important to hear these statistics. It’s like being told that everything you thought really is true and we’re not a bunch of freaks. I can only think that if some 36 million have this in the US alone, there are a hell of a lot of dizzy people walking around.

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C’mon Scott… we are a bunch of freaks…lol… :smiley:

Thanks for the article!

LOL, ok maybe we are. Should we all take up residence in an old train tunnel like a pack of lepers? Might as well. :lol:

Great article and in the New York Times! But once again they focus on headache pain as a main symptom and not the debilitating dizziness and dysequilimbrium we all have as our main symptom. But its a start. Maybe help really is on the way.