Newbie...does this sound familiar to anyone?

Hi. I’m new. I just posted my story under the post your story thread. Please have a read and tell me if this sounds familiar to anyone.

My biggest question is…has anyone with mav suffered from numbness that was constant for 3 weeks?

This is the second time I have been told MAV and I’m not sure my sx match.

thanks for reading

I read your post on the other thread, some of what you describe sounds like MAV–like the vertigo. And others here have described muscle twitching. But in my opinion, I would have your neurologist evaluate your other symptoms–the numbness, slurred speech.
Migraine can do all sorts of things, but in my opinion a change in your symptoms, after a stable, predictable pattern for years, deserves a thorough evaluation.
The theory of Occam’s razor: try to find one explanation, or the simplest solution, doesn’t apply to people–we can have migraines, but we can also have other problems as well.
So, I would go back to to the neurologist, armed with the eMedicine article about MAV, and say it explains my vertigo, possibly, but how do you explain these other problems.
The link to the eMedicine article is:

Good luck, I hope you get some answers. Sometimes bringing along someone else to advocate for you is very helpful.

Thanks for the info Kira.