Newbie here, I would like to introduce myself

My first episode of vertigo was three years ago just a few months before my adult son passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage suddenly. I was stressed because I was worried about his health. I don’t know if stress is related but I was hospitalized overnight and had a cat scan to rule out a stroke and released the next day.

Earlier this year I woke up and felt dizzy when I sat down on the side of the bed for a short time before standing up. When I stood up I was still dizzy but what scared me the most is my whole body started shaking uncontrollably- even my head was violently shaking and wouldn’t stop. I grabbed onto my bedpost and fell into bed and immediately fell into a deep sleep for a few hours. I was alone that day and was too tired to even pick up the phone and call my doctor. When I did finally go to see her she told me I should have called 911 because I might have had a stroke.

Then shortly after that I had about 5 episodes of what I now understand was pre-syncope. Then in June I woke up to a horrible episode of vertigo and was extremely sick. My daughter called my GP and when he took my blood pressure it was very low and he directed us to go to ER. ER gave me a couple bags of saline water, did a cat scan which was normal, monitored my blood pressure and sent me home with Meclizine and nausea medicine. The ER doctor recommended seeing a Neurologist. The vertigo continued for a little more than 2 weeks as both of my daughters (one being an RN) tried to get doctor appointments for me, calling every day for cancellations. The first appointment was with an ENT who checked me thoroughly and did a balance test and just sent me a text saying everything was normal even though he had told me in his office that I did not have vertigo because vertigo only lasts one or two days but my frustration was he never told me what it might be except his Assistant told me I should see a Neurologist.

My daughters suggested I see both a Cardiologist and a Neurologist. I finally saw a Cardiologist last week. Interestingly. I had a pre-syncope episode as they were weighing me before I saw the doctor. The assistant did an EKG which was abnormal and the doctor checked my heart and blood pressure several times on both arms sitting and standing. His final diagnoses that day was Orthostatic Hypotension, Tachycardia and Pre-Syncope as well as abnormal EKG. He ordered an Echocardiogram which is scheduled out another 2 weeks as I am calling for any cancellations and the Cardiologist wants to see me again next week. My doctor is concerned about a medication that I am on which my Psychiatrist has me on. It is called Prazosin and it was ordered for me because I suffer from PTSD and night terrors which I wake up screaming. So this is like a difficult decision for me. As suggested by my Cardiologist I cut my dose in half which caused me night terrors for the next 4 days so my Psychiatrist is advising cutting it down 1/4 and taking it earlier in the day. It scares me because when I wake up from my night terrors my heart is beating so fast it is scary and I have an overwhelming sensation that I am going to die.

Just yesterday my daughter my daughter called the Neurologist again and after reading my notes from the Cardiologist she has bumped up my appointment from October to mid-August which I am very grateful for.

I also want to note I have severe cervical and lumbar problems which I have been seeing pain management
and possibly might be facing a surgery soon to remove a cyst and possibly spinal fusion. Very concerned about going under anesthesia with my problems. I have been suffering from coat hanger pain which I thought was due to my spine but I recently read it can also be related to Orthostatic Hypotension,

So sorry this was such a long story but I would really be interested in any comments as to whether this is Cardio related or Neuro related and any suggestions. Thank you so much’

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So sorry to hear of your loss and my condolences, that must’ve been really tough?

Inner ears are very sensitive parts of the body. All sorts of systems can effect them, apparently. Sounds like stress kicked this all off to me? You must work to minimise that?

All my problems started not long after losing my last parent and stress from work.

Hi there, and so sorry to hear about your son. So awful. I’m sure this whole experience has been horrendous. I’m sure a neurologist will have a better idea than cardiologist.

I’ve got autonomic dysfunction - sounds similar to you. Enquire about that?

Also I’m really interested in the connection between stress and episodes/relapses. It sounds like it was a contributor. I believe stress precipitates an episode, and the episode itself then perpetuates stress!

Let us know how the neuro goes

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