Newbie here....neck ache - can it make it worse?

With the vertigo comes a need to sit in positions to ease it, it also puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders plus I work at a computer. I also have MS and with the weakened legs find I use my arms a lot more. Should I be having regular massages to release the knots? Will that help?

Dazed and baffled at my 5th diagnosis!

If it feels good, try it. I find Lieing down on a massage table intolerable, but sitting up feels pretty good. I have read that some people feel worse if the therapist massages too hard. Just go slow.

You can work them out on your own. It’s called Trigger Point therapy. It only takes a few minutes out of a day and has saved me much misery for years and helps me with chronic recurring pains. Some will experience dizziness from trigger points around the neck, base of the skull, and down into the upper shoulder areas. It’s easy to do. I have friends that do this regularly, it has made dramatic differences in levels of pain and suffering. I recommend this book, it is awesome…
“The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, 2nd edition” by Clair Davies

Thanks thats most helpful. Have booked into a physio that does tpt. x