Newbie here what to expect on 1st neurology app

hi all im new here been reading posts for few months tho now. ive been on the diizy road since april2010, my stmptoms are eposodic vertgo spinning inside rockcing boobing. i have off balance dizzyness everyday to were i dont go out as its that bad poor motion intolerance random migranes. i could go on but those are the mains ones vertigo is the worst which i suffer with alot. was 1st told bbpv 1 eplay didnt not work got told anxiety las year saw ent who sent me for calorics all clear n now im being refurd to neurology which i have on the 11th i suspect i have mav my 1st ent mentions it to. just want to no what to expect on 1st app. ruferd me for vrt too which i started very slowly in oct 2011 i have my next session tomrow its very hard as i keep getting disabling spinning attaks which stop me from doing the exercises! im currently 22 n desprate for the right diognosis n think i will never be dizzy free! thanks for reading

sorry for the bad spelling hard to concentrate lol

Hello there and welcome,

Don’t worry about the neurology appointment. I’d imagine it will probably be fairly straightforward, just a discussion about your symptoms etc… Looks like you have already had a caloric test etc…Sometimes a neurologist may send you for an MRI,this is fairly routine, I had one, didn’t show anything. Hopefully the neurologist you are seeing is familiar with MAV, it’s quite common for people to see ENTs who aren’t sure what’s wrong with them as MAV isn’t usually their area of expertise.

Don’t worry, you won’t be dizzy forever, you just need to get the right diagnosis and the right help/meds to set you on the road to getting your life back. Sounds like you are doing all the right things.

If the neurologist is unhelpful or doesn’t know enough about MAV, don’t despair, get a recommendation from someone on this board for a neuro near you who is known to specialise in this area.


thanks for replying hannah i had an mri in june 2010 was clear im hoping he will b able to help dont think my heart could take anymore uncertantity no answers! i live i in macclesfield cheshire is any1 else seen neuro at macclesfield do u no


I don’t know of anyone who has seen someone in Cheshire, which doesn’t mean to say someone hasn’t, just I’m not aware of them. I wouldn’t worry,just because no one knows of them won’t mean they aren’t any good or don’t know about this condition. They may be just fine and very knowledgeable. Give them a go and if you aren’t happy afterwards, then you can think again. I am in the UK and can recommend people in the UK if you need to see someone different.

Don’t despair, you will get a diagnosis soon, you really are doing all the right things and it’s very common for it to take a while to get answers as it’s an odd condition.