Newbie - how long for the drugs to work?

Hi guys,
I have formally introduced myself of the correct page already - in case you haven’t seen it - I’m Anna a knackered mummy of 2 toddlers (1&2) and I have just been diagnosed by the wonderful dr S with vestibular migraine, trying to be as happy as possible but it’s very hard isn’t it?!?!
Ok so’ Dr S prescribed nortriptyline 2 weeks go today - I started on 10mg & now I’m on 20mg. I have been following the migraine diet to the letter for the past 2 weeks also. The drug has helped me in that at least I sleep properly now! But what I want to know is when will i see an improvement in the constant disequilibrium that I feel? I also appear to be spinny now watching tv- is this normal? I don’t think that I had this before - or maybe I didn’t realise it? Can new symptoms start a year in? Am I expecting too much too soon!
Many thanks Anna

Did your dr tell you to keep upping the dose? Some people don’t see benefits till they reach higher doses. It really is a pain in the bum to ride the med-go/round. You’re doing the right thing… Maybe keep a diary in case you have to make done changes before you land on what’s going to work for you. Getting good sleep is a major bonus though!!
Others on nort are bound to give you feedback…
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I’m not on nort but like Kelley, I will tell you to keep a diary of symptoms. It is probably the most important thing you can do to help you and your doctor…I basically just use a notepad and always put the date I start a new med and the name and dose. Than I just note the date every time I increase and what dose. I also keep track of any new symptoms that persist beyond 3 weeks as typically most side effects go away after 2-3 weeks. I also be sure to note what symptoms have improved. I am not typically the most detailed person but when it comes to this horrible illness, I find that keeping good track of everything really helps when I visit my dr. Than he can easily determine which way to go next.

As far as symptoms changing, the answer is a big YES!!! MAV is so unpredictable and it seems that it can change from day to day. Also the medication can temporarily increase symptoms, especially dizziness. Every time I up my dose, I get increased dizziness. It usually goes away.

I hope this helps. Never be afraid to call your doctor either. I sometimes call my pharmacist too. Best of luck with the nort. A lot of people here have great success with it. And just know that if it doesn’t work, there are many more and eventually one will work and you will beat his monster.

Thanks guys. Yes I am keeping a detailed log of what exactly is going - in fact I have been doing it since January - every week I look for some kind of pattern but yet to find one :frowning:
Kelley - yes Dr S told me to keep upping the dose every two weeks but when I went to my GP he said to stay on 20mg for a month- that said I know who I’m going to trust more! :wink: just out of interest any one that’s been on nort how quickly did you increase dose and at what level did you find relief please? Actually, thinking back Dr S closing comment to me was that this condition will be up and down but we get there in the end! I think that also goes for the new / increase in symptoms (spinning).
Mavprincess - thanks for the tip on meds and possible increase in symptoms.
So all you ‘norters’ out there can you give me a bit of an insight for what I’m in for please?!?!?!

Happy dizzy free Friday all!